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30 Things You Need to Accept Before Turning 30

16. Your responsibility to the world. Yes, it’s annoying to wash out every nook and cranny of the Tofutti container before placing it in the recycle bin but you’ve got a responsibility to the world that includes not being wasteful.

17. Your responsibility to yourself. Only Smokey can prevent forest fires and only you can take care of your body. You have a responsibility to take care of yourself so that your body can get you through the many more decades of your life. This includes eating well, sleeping, exercising and basically seeking your bliss.

18. Your responsibility to your family. You love your family and they love you. You are always going to be watching out for their best interest and be the shoulder to lean on–but that doesn’t mean you’re the only shoulder they can lean on.

19. Your shortcomings. I get cranky while cooking and I use a tip calculator when signing credit card receipts because math of all sorts is the bane of my existence. I’m okay with that.

20. Your talents. Recently my husband ran his fastest 5K in ten years. His time was third in his age group, earning him a fancy little plaque proclaiming said results. Whenever we talk about this run to friends or family members, my husband always prefaces it with, “Most of the really fast people were probably running the half marathon rather than the 5K.” Why is it so hard for talented people to just accept their talents? He’s fast. It doesn’t matter is Usain Bolt ran in the half marathon, my husband would still be third in his age group for that 5K.

21. Your idea of a perfect night. Like going out and staying up until 3 AM or prefer staying in and binge watching Netflix while cuddling with your dog? Either is fine! You are past the point of needing to be social even if you don’t feel like being social, or fearing becoming that lame friend who never goes out. Happy thirty! Now pass the popcorn.

22. Your idea of a perfect day. Want to go mountain climbing or just lay around reading Peaceful Dumpling posts all day? Same deal as #21.

23. Your natural state.  Sundays depress me somewhat because they mean that the weekend’s over. It’s okay to accept that you feel bummed out occasionally.

24. Your makeup-less face. Makeup makes me feel pretty. That’s its job and it does it well. That said, I don’t need makeup to feel pretty. I recommend that you stop saying that your makeup-less face is “scary” and stop feeling like you have to put on makeup to run to the grocery store.

25. Your dirty hair. I mean, who has time for washing hair? And it’s better for your hair to have some of its natural grease anyway.

26. Your addictions. I’m not saying that it’s healthy or recommended that you just accept your inclination to overindulge on potato chips or Sauvignon Blanc. What I mean by accepting your addictions is actually realizing that they’re real so you can come up with a plan for addressing them.

27. Your guilty pleasures. Sometimes I watch Hollywood Insider instead of watching Jeopardy. Judge me. I don’t care.

28.  Your reality. I wish I had 0% body fat and could live off of raw vegetables and fruits. I try sometimes, as you may recall from my post about my week long raw cleanse. However, that is just not me. I have no issues with sticking to a vegan diet. I just love tempeh, hot soups and hot food.

29. Your ambitions. I want to open a vegan bed and breakfast someday. I’ve voiced this ambition and my husband says no way, while my friends say that’s a sure way to not make any money. That’s fine with me.

Want to be a manager even though you’re in an entry-level position right now? Fill in an application!

30. Yourself. You’re not Marisa Meyer. You’re not Scarlett Johansen. You don’t need to be in order to be a confident, strong, beautiful 30-year-old. Just be yourself and everything’s going to turn out fine.

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#30: You’re going to be just fine!

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