Working From Home Not Going As Planned? 3 Bad Habits Thwarting Your Success

July 18, 2018

One of the most recent estimates from the American Community Survey shows that at least 86% of Americans drive to work, while the remaining small group makes their income by working from home.  Working from home, however, is quickly rising these days as a majority of the working class is trying to stay at home for various business or personal reasons. Parents want to stay home with their kids while others, who are perhaps introverts, just want to avoid as much face-to-face interaction with people as much possible and still be able to earn a generous income (or maybe that’s just me). Still, working from home can come with many perks that no other ordinary job can give provide. No more traffic. No more hating Mondays. No more people!

So how can we suddenly feel like things have gone south and we no longer feel the same joy and contentment we felt when we first began living our dream job?  If you think that the way you’re doing things is starting to rob you of your work-from-home happiness, maybe it’s time to start making some changes to get that joy back into your work life.

3 Bad Habits That Take the Joy Out of Working From Home

1. Staying up late on work nights.  

I have yet to meet a person who says how much they love the sound of their alarm each morning, so it’s understandable to assume that it’s okay to change our work hours each day, depending on how much energy and willpower we have that morning (or afternoon, if you partied too hard the night before).  Reality check: Just because you have the flexibility to schedule your preferred work hours as you wish, doesn’t always mean it’s wise to do so. Working from home does come with many perks and much flexibility; however, self-discipline is indispensable if you want your work-at-home job to be a success.

Try this instead:  Clock in and out as you would any other out-of-home job.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t choose your own work hours; you are, after all, your own boss.  However, it’s important to set fixed work hours each day to maintain structure in your work week. This will also help to ensure that you get the job done successfully. That’s right, go turn those alarm settings back on and get ready to, once again, hate the sound of your alarm each morning like the rest of us. Did you really think you’d get off that easily?

2. Checking your phone or emails every 5 minutes. 

Constantly checking your phone all day long or sending late night work emails can make you feel like you’re on the clock 24/7.  This can bring upon heavy loads of stress and can even begin to have an impact on your overall health.  This is yet another reason why having a weekly fixed schedule is brutally necessary when working from home.

Try this instead:  Use electronic devices only when necessary.

Stay off of electronic devices as much possible on your time-off, and don’t let your devices interfere with your social life. Unless it’s an absolute emergency, there’s no reason to keep fiddling with your phone or checking emails during mealtimes with family and friends.  Not only is it unnecessary, it’s also rude to others who appreciate their time spent with you.

3. Raiding your fridge all day when you get the munchies.

Working from Home Blues

While it’s awesome to not have to share a fridge or break room with others on a daily, having the liberty to run to the fridge the second we feel hunger (or boredom), can come with a big consequence: weight gain.

Try this instead:  Plan your meals for the day and stick to it.

It might take some major willpower to not reach for the easier, unhealthier snack that seems more practical to go with when you get hungry.  Planning your snacks and lunches in advance will help you keep track of what you’re eating, and how much you’re eating throughout the day.  Place your meals and snacks in ready-to-go containers so you can quickly grab them and go when it’s time to munch.

Working From Home Not Going As Planned? 3 Bad Habits Thwarting Your Success

Do you work from home? How do you stay focused and productive?

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