5 Seriously Genius Beauty Tricks You Need To Be Doing In The Shower, STAT

July 18, 2018

Recently I realized that my p.m. beauty routine takes, on average, 25 minutes. That’s not even including a shower and brushing teeth! By the time I rub some foot cream on my feet, I’m so exhausted it’s impossible *not* to sleep like a baby. So I’ve been finding little ways to maximize my beauty rituals in the shower, which is somehow less messy, quicker, and more effective!

5 Seriously Genius Beauty Tricks To Do In The Shower

5 Beauty Tricks To Do In The Shower

  1. Clay masks–the common wisdom is that you should mask at least once a week. But honestly, your skin conditions change more frequently than just once a week, and your skin needs a different kind of mask every 3 days or so to stay in optimal shape.  I do 4 different masks on a rotating basis: vegan collagen mask by 5yina when my skin needs plumping, line-erasing, and anti-aging; DIY vegan coconut yogurt mask when I want balancing of oil/water levels, rosacea-reducing; DIY cucumber mask for hydrating, repairing sun damage, and brightening; and clay-based mask for reducing oiliness and calming breakouts, usually the last week of my cycle which is when your skin produces most oil. I didn’t really make the most out of clay masks *until* I started using them in the shower. Used outside, it can actually over-dry your skin, which leads to more flare-ups and discomfort. But in the shower, the steam helps the active ingredients of the clay penetrate deep into your skin without over-drying your skin. Simply wash your face, pat dry, apply clay mask, and then jump in the shower–leave on for the rest of the shower and rinse off at the end. Bonus: it’s way less messy than washing off in the sink! Best Natural Pore Clearing Masks For A Blemish-Free ComplexionOdacité Synergy Immediate Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque
  2. Body oil–Instead of putting on body oil after you towel off, do it in the shower. You won’t slip and slide or spend time waiting for your oil to absorb before putting on clothes which, whether you do it in the morning or at night, is a special kind of torture. Soap your body as usual and rinse; then rub a few pumps of body oil over your body, especially areas like your heels, elbows, and even the ends of your hair. Rinse off. When you towel dry, you’ll be just moisturized enough–and no fear of leaving oil marks all over your floor/clothes! 5 Genius Beauty Tricks for the Shower  Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil
  3. Lemon hair rinse–I always have an organic lemon hanging out in a baby mason jar in my fridge, to squeeze over almost anything I’m making for dinner. Also, a few drops of pure lemon juice is great to immediately reduce your inflamed, swollen acne because bad bacteria prefers high pH and good bacteria prefers low pH. Whether or not you’re shampooing that day, a lemon hair rinse is a great way to take off extra grease, restore shine, and even get it smelling fresh. Just take a lemon half and squeeze all over your hair in the shower, and rinse off with cold water. Note: Be careful to take out the seeds beforehand.
  4. Pumice stone–Have I told you I haven’t gone to get a pedicure since New Year’s Eve? When under time crunch, it’s still possible to maintain soft feet by scrubbing with a pumice stone once a week and rubbing oil in the shower (see 2). Note: Be sure to rinse it carefully and hang it in a dry, airy place.
  5. Always splash with cold water–I almost exclusively take ice-cold showers in the summer, which activates your brown fat and basically makes you slimmer without trying. The cold water also has another benefit of perking up your breasts, butt, and any areas of the body that might get hit with gravity. If you can’t handle the whole 5-7 minutes, just try 30 seconds at the end and then build up your tolerance!

5 Seriously Genius Beauty Tricks You Need To Be Doing In The Shower, STAT

Do you have a shower trick?

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