3 Ways to Declutter and Create More Space in Your Life

January 11, 2016

3 Ways to Declutter and Create More Space in Your LifeRecently I came across an article, 200 things to throw away. It’s a comprehensive list but it got me into the mode of spring cleaning.

Perhaps it’s also the start of a New Year, so to create some space in my life, I felt the need to clear out the old stuff and free up some space to bring in the new.

This includes not just physical items: I also went on a mental, emotional, and spiritual purge. You see, anything that drains you and takes up time, space and energy in your life can take a toll on you.

Here are three tips to help you clear out the ‘stuff’ that weighs you down.

Declutter your physical environment

Start by throwing things out that you no longer need or can’t remember the last time you touched it. Sell the things you can via online classifieds or consignment stores. Donate gently-used items to local charities and books that are not outdated to the local library.

One rule I’m going to start this year is to get rid of something every time you buy something new–be it for your closet or your home. This way it keep things neat and balanced in your environment. Live with only what you need with the exception of a few odd classic items that are of value to you.

In doing so, it can also help you get into the habit of thinking twice about your purchases. So before you buy, know what function is it going to add to your standard of living and the physical space in your life. This will help to minimize the accumulation of stuff in your life.

3 Ways to Declutter and Create More Space in Your Life

Get your thoughts down and captured 

You know when you have an idea in your head that you are trying consciously not to forget? Or perhaps you’ve been thinking about something over and over again that leaves your brain feeling exhausted?

When this happens the best thing to do is to get the ideas and thoughts out of your head and into the physical realm. Jot it down on a post-it or notebook. Capture it on your voice recorder or favorite note recorder app. Release the information that is wreaking havoc in your brain and give your brain some space to rest. It’ll help clear your head, put your mind back at ease and focus on the present.


Be deliberate in how you choose to spend your time and energy

Growing up I always felt like I had to please everyone and say yes to everything or I’d be looked upon as rude. But as we all know, it’s important to set healthy boundaries or we will run out of steam.

To ensure we don’t lose ourselves in everybody else’s stuff, it’s important to occasionally take an inventory of people with whom you surround yourself and the activities in which you engage.

For example, when it comes to activities, make a list of what you are currently doing. Ask yourself how does your activities contribute to your growth and well-being? Are they important and essential? Or are there non-essential obligations? What activities can you drop or delegate so that you can free up time to do things you enjoy doing?

As for people, surround yourself with those that inspire you. Those that make you feel good, who keep things real but also cares about your growth and is supportive in your decisions that are aligned with what’s true for you. Avoid relationships that are draining and are not serving you in any way.

Be picky with who and what you give your time and energy to.

What can you eliminate in your life today to create more peace and zen in your life?

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