Just Try Not To Become A 5-Star Chef After Watching These Vegan YouTube Channels

August 14, 2018

I’ve reserved Sunday mornings for YouTube and meal prep. It’s these channels that have a special way of jump-starting my morning. Grab a cup of hot coffee, press play, and be inspired.

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5 YouTube Channels That’ll Spice Up Your Cooking Game

1. Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

Sarah posts plenty of fermented and comforting plant-based creations that keep me thinking creatively in the kitchen. All the while, she serves total realness as she continues to share her struggles with anxiety and loss. It’s an eloquent balance that’s been refined with time.

Sarah’s conversational vlogs always draw me back in. She welcomes you into her kitchen for grocery hauls and a warm breakfast — I can’t help but feel like I’m catching up with an old friend.

2. Eamon and Bec, Freestyle Fridays

Eamon and Bec are endlessly inspiring. It was their combined passion for travel, minimalism, and sustainable living that motivated them to move full time into their self-renovated Sprinter Van, Trinity.

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With a petite kitchen, two burners, and an elevated Vitamix, these two whip up quick and easy meals that are ideal for new cooks and those who live in tiny homes.

3. Hot for Food, Lauren Toyota

Lauren’s Recipe?! series is brilliant. After all, how many minutes have we flitted away in front of the fridge as we wonder how to make a meal from so many seemingly unrelated ingredients?

She gets the experimental side of your brain going, prompting her audience to play around with a unique range of spices, cooking methods, and leftovers.

4. Avant Garde Vegan, Gaz Oakley

Once adrift in a sea of easy vegan recipe videos, Gaz Oakley started Avant Garde Vegan in late 2016 and now approaches half a million subscribers.

With a background in culinary arts, Gaz has crafted recipes prime for a dinner party. If you’re looking for a challenge, take a peek at his Sticky BBQ Ribs or Watermelon ‘Tuna’ Poke.

Looking to expand your cookbook collection? He recently published Vegan 100.

5. Maddie Lymburner

While I first followed Maddie for her killer at-home workouts (no equipment necessary) her make-ahead, high-protein recipes soon caught my attention. Consisting of minimal, clean ingredients, I often already have everything on hand to whip up her latest creation.

Here, she showcases how truly easy it is to make your own hummus at home in a number of ways.

Just Try Not To Become A 5-Star Chef After Watching These Vegan YouTube Channels

Do you have a favorite Youtube food channel? Let us know in the comments below! 

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