5 Best Innovative Vegan Skin Care Products To Stock Up On This Summer

June 29, 2017

We can’t get enough of vegan skin care at Peaceful Dumpling. While we try to cultivate a healthy attitude about the aging process and embrace our perfect imperfections, it’s always exciting to stumble across an innovative vegan skin care product that promises to boost skin’s health and glow (and actually delivers on that promise!). The following goodies are vegan skin care products I’ve recently tried and are currently in my summer beauty arsenal. I’ve really been enjoying their nutrient-rich formulas, especially since I’m less inclined to wear full-coverage products. (The heat and humidity of southern Texas will discourage even the most dedicated makeup junkies!) So if you’re looking for that #wokeuplikethis glow, keep scrolling!

Best Innovative Vegan Skin Care Products--Stock Up This Summer!

1. Ursa Major Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum with Edelweiss, Rose Hip & Aspen. First, kudos to this packaging. It’s pump (rather than jar), so your active ingredients aren’t getting constantly exposed to air, which degrades them. Also, the opaque glass bottle protects delicate vitamin C from the sun, further protecting the integrity of the product.

I’ve heard from so many sources that vitamin C is a major must-have in any skin care regimen, but I’ve tried quite a few vitamin C products that render my skin unbearably sensitive. Perhaps it’s the soothing combination of aloe and aspen, but this vitamin C serum has been far gentler to my skin than most. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a non-invasive way to even skin tone and improve clarity and firmness.

Best Innovative Vegan Skin Care Products--Stock Up This Summer!

2. Mai Couture Skincare Blotting Paper – Rosehip Oil. A booklet with a marble-y cover and pale pink blotting papers? This pretty goody was *made* for a Millennial’s Instagram feed. Who knew mopping up sebum could be so glam? But that’s beside the point. Not only do these blotting papers help absorb excess oil (perhaps a little better than the Starbucks napkin at the bottom of your purse!), they’re also laced with skin-loving vitamins A, C, E, and B-carotene thanks to their key ingredient–rosehip oil (which is non-comedogenic, btw!). The sheets are perfect for keeping your makeup looking fresh on days when all you want to do is jump into a cold shower!

Best Innovative Vegan Skin Care Products--Stock Up This Summer!

3. Mad Hippie Face CreamI have searched high and low for a face cream that’s not too watery, not too thick. Few have fit the bill, and this Mad Hippie lotion is one of them. It’s truly moisturizing without feeling heavy. The antioxidant-rich formula helps me feel better protected from environmental aggressors (pollutants, ugh). I simply layer it underneath my sunscreen or tinted SPF if I’m going to wear it during the day.

Best Innovative Vegan Skin Care Products--Stock Up This Summer!

4. Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Gentle Cleansing Oil Cloths. Facial cleansing clothes are so convenient but not necessarily the best for the environment. What to do? These Juicy Bamboo cloths are actually compostable. The will biodegrade in soil in 60-70 days, so throw them in the pile with your melon rinds and coffee grounds! The unbleached bamboo cloths are infused with vitamin C, E, and B12 as well as jojoba oil and sunflower oil. (Note: The cloths also contain honey.)

Best Innovative Vegan Skin Care Products--Stock Up This Summer!

5. Juara Java Plum & Avocado Nourishing MaskAs much as I love a good clay mask, I find that they’ve been a bit too drying for me these days, so I’m loving this super-dense moisturizing mask packed with avocado oil, java plum, and banana. It’s completely absorbed by skin (no need to rinse it off), so, yes, you can be one of those cool beauty girls who wears a sleep mask! The mask is excellent if you have sensitive, dry, or otherwise weary skin. It gives my skin a pleasant plumping (and it smells so refreshing!).

What’s currently in your vegan skin care ritual?

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Photo: Mary Hood Luttrell

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