Vegan Perfume Picks That Make You Feel As Lovely As A Summer Breeze

June 15, 2017

Wondering if you should switch up you scent for summer? Check out these light-as-air vegan perfume blends!

Vegan Perfume That Makes You Feel As Lovely As A Summer Breeze

Each of us have those “little things” that add sparkle to our days. For some, it might be a morning walk in the park. For others, it may be wearing a cherished ring or reading a magazine in the bath. For me, it’s perfume. (And, okay, coffee…)

Accordingly, and as with most fragrance lovers, my choice of perfume is always in silent yet sensuous dialogue with my emotions and what’s happening around me. So this past fall and winter, with all of the political tensions, etc., etc., I found myself craving the headiest of heady perfumes—nothing was too oriental, nothing was too “evening,” nothing was too smokey and smolder-y. I took comfort in the LBDs of the perfume world. Somehow, they offered a sense of grounding—however illusory—that I had difficulty finding elsewhere.

But now it’s June, and (almost) every where I look, I find something that brings me joy.  Although national and international happenings have by no means settled down, I’m grateful for feeling open to happiness—even if it’s just about “the little things.” Sure, some serious heat has settled in my south Texas city, but I like to walk outside and smell the summer air. I’ve also been biting into *just right* peaches, scrapbooking (one has to have some lust for life if one is to scrapbook), and, wouldn’t you know it, wearing light and delicate blends on my pulse points. It’s about time.

I’ve had the pleasure of sampling (or splurging on) the following vegan perfume blends, and I think each is perfect for summer in its own special way. In addition to being animal-free, this vegan perfume line-up is cruelty-free and made with consciously curated, body-friendly ingredients—because why should something as uplifting as perfume be secretly sketchy?

(As I was putting this list together, I realized that each of these perfumes contains jasmine. That’s not by design! I think jasmine just follows me around—what’s a girl to do? I promise that each fragrance, despite having this note in common with the others, has its own distinct personality.)

Vegan Perfume That Makes You Feel As Lovely As A Summer Breeze

Kai Original Perfume Oil

Vegan Perfume That Makes You Feel As Lovely As A Summer Breeze

Inspired by the tropics, Kai perfume oil is an unapologetic bouquet of white florals. (Do not approach if you have any trepidation about floral fragrances!) With a blend of jasmine, plumeria, pikake, and gardenia, the perfume feels both exotic and classic. But don’t take my word for it, the fragrance is also beloved by Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, and Naomi Watts.

My Daughter Fragrances bloom 23

Vegan Perfume That Makes You Feel As Lovely As A Summer Breeze

This light and contemporary fragrance is a gentle blend of gardenia, jasmine, ylang ylang, lemon, and whipped vanilla. It’s just as delicate and feminine as it sounds. My Daughter Fragrances says it best—their latest perfume is “a white linen picnic in gentle sun.”


Vegan Perfume That Makes You Feel As Lovely As A Summer Breeze

Described as arid and spicy, Moab is a unisex fragrance that conjures dry heat, sun on bare skin, and wide open spaces. Notes of long pepper, vanilla, clove, jasmine, and tonka bean make this one unforgettable scent. (Check out the unique customer experience at PHLUR. It’s a super fun shopping experience!)

Twinkle Apothecary Mulholland

Vegan Perfume That Makes You Feel As Lovely As A Summer Breeze

A southern California garden captured in a seductive, natural blend, Mulholland is warm, flirtatious, and sophisticated. Jasmine, sandalwood, bergamot, and neroli make this a floral-citrus combo perfect for summer evenings and close encounters.

What’s your favorite vegan perfume for summer?

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