Vegan Musicians Spreading The 🌱 Message For Animals & Planet

April 7, 2023

There are many celebrities that live a vegan life. Some have called it quits citing side effects and use their platform to actually turn people against veganism. Others do it only for a short period of time to lose weight. But the ones who truly are in it for life and for the animals can encourage their massive fan bases to reduce or eliminate their consumption of animal derived food. Here are some vegan musicians who are very outspoken about the benefits of veganism and for whom it doesn’t seem to just be a phase.

Inspiring Vegan Musicians

Billie Eilish

Musician Billie Eilish headshot looking straight at the camera with a hint of a smile.

LOS ANGELES – MARCH 14: Singer Billie Eilish arrives for the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Glenn Francis/Pacific Pro Digital Photography)

Billie Eilish is probably one of the most famous and outspoken vegan musicians at the moment. The Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter went vegan around 2014. In her words: “Leave animals alone.” On her social media she has also been pretty outspoken about promoting vegan living and she has urged her fans to ditch animal products by showing undercover footage of animals being tortured and mistreated at dairy farms.

Sir Paul McCartney

Beatles superstar Sir Paul McCartney hasn’t eaten meat since the 70s and he has been vegan for a very long time now. He isn’t the only famous McCartney who is vegan—his daughter, famous designer Stella McCartney, has also been vegan for many years now and they even have created a documentary together that examined the impact of animal agriculture.


One of the most well-known vegan musicians, Moby even has a big “vegan for life” tattoo on his neck as well as an “Animal Rights” tattoo across his arms. He even sold his personal record collection of more than 1,000 records and donated the money to a research organization that advocates for plant-based living. He also gave away some of the proceeds from selling is $1.3 million house to his animal rights foundation.

Bryan Adams

An outspoken vegan, the “Summer of ’69” singer considers ditching animal products the best thing he ever did. He frequently urges his fans to go vegan and not support animal agriculture anymore and he has also spoken out against whale hunting.

Brian May

Since participating in Veganuary in 2020, legendary Queen guitarist Brian May has been advocating for a meat and dairy-free life. He calls for radical change in people’s eating behavior, not just for the animals and the individual’s health, but also in regards to climate change. As he puts it:”The most effective thing we can do as individuals right now is cut out meat from our diets.” went vegan in 2017 for medical / health reasons and was able to manage his high blood pressure and cholesterol with his diet, sans medication. He has since become very vocal about the ethics of a vegan lifestyle and suggests that most people would not be eating animals if they had to kill them themselves.

Stevie Wonder

The legendary musician has been vegan for almost a decade now. At first, for the environment and his health but he has since included the animal welfare into his reasoning behind his decision.

Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupri wearing black trucker hat, black t-shirt, and black pants against a step and repeat background.

The rapper has been vegan for roughly two decades now and has been a big player in the plant-based foods/treats sector. All of it started because he did a 25-day vegan cleanse and felt a massive shift in his health and overall well-being. Have you tried any of his ice cream flavors yet?


Lizzo has been following a vegan diet since 2020 and has been pretty vocal about it on TikTok, sharing heir routines and her recipes with her millions of followers, encouraging them to give it a go.

Lizzo Is Vegan Now & "It's Been Pretty Easy." See Her Secrets!

Leona Lewis

The singer grew up in a meat-free household and has been vegetarian since she was a young child, going vegan more than a decade ago. She even held a vegan wedding ceremony back in 2019. She has been vocal about it and is a big supporter of PETA. As she said, the main reason for going vegan was her immense love for animals—who can blame her.

There are many more musicians and other artists who are vegan and it seems to be getting more and more each year. While some might not stick to it completely, many do and it’s good that they then use their platforms to advocate for veganism. With so much influence comes great responsibility and I am glad so many amazing artists have realized that and make use of it.

Who is your favorite vegan musician?

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Photo: © Glenn Francis, via Wikipedia Creative Commons; Eva Renaldi via Wikipedia Creative Commons; Lizzo via Instagram

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