Stronger Bods *Plus* Smoldering Sex Drives?! 4 Reasons Vegan Men Have It Better

September 27, 2017

Unfortunately, veganism has a feminine stigma. That’s not to say that femininity is inherently a negative thing by any means–but the reality is that if a lifestyle choice is considered feminine, that association may deter some people from taking that lifestyle seriously (and reaping its benefits!). Coupled with veganism’s association with females is the sense of masculinity that accompanies a meat-heavy diet. Indeed, eating meat is often associated with being a “real” guy, and if you want to be a real dude, you enjoy burgers, hot dogs, and wings with your bros.

4 Reasons Why The Guys in Your Life Should Go Vegan Today

Besides the fact that there is no scientific research linking gender and dietary preferences, it’s also true that making veganism a feminine dietary trend creates a significant barrier to entry for a lot of guys. If we associate women with eating plants, and if society supports that association, then it’s really hard for some men to overcome that stigma at times–less because of lack of interest and more because of a lack of self-confidence required take a leap and move away from stereotypical male foods such as bloody steaks.

Being married to an herbivore, who wasn’t one for the longest part of his life, I have learned a lot about guys and veganism. Mostly, I have learned some tricks to help your better half or significant other, or even just a male friend, or your brother or father, to navigate the vegan waters and make the transition without feeling like they have to sacrifice their masculinity in the process.

1. Compassion is sexy.

4 Reasons Why The Guys in Your Life Should Go Vegan Today

Brendan Brazier, vegan triathlete and co-founder of Vega.


Sensitivity and emotions are often linked to being a woman. But being compassionate and caring is really attractive, and we need to convey that to the men in our lives. Doesn’t every girl like a boy who is willing to save a cat from a tree or who likes to snuggle with her puppy? Yep, loving animals and having compassion for them is definitely attractive, especially for guys. It shows others that you care for fellow beings, and hence, you are able to care for them, too.

2. Eating a plant-based diet makes you stronger.

4 Reasons Why The Guys in Your Life Should Go Vegan Today

David Carter (swoooon!)


Did you know that the strongest guy in the world, Patrik Baboumian, is vegan? That’s right! And there is also Scott Jurek, the award-winning ultra-marathoner, and David Carter, the 300 pound NFL player. Or John Joseph, the Ironman triathlete–and the list goes on and on. The truth is, a lot of successful athletes are shifting to a plant-based diet because it helps with recovery, lets them work out more efficiently, and perform better.

3. Being vegan lowers your risk for disease.

4 Reasons Why The Guys in Your Life Should Go Vegan Today

Health is wealth.

And who doesn’t care about that? Eating plant-based means you are minimizing your risk for cancer, dementia, high blood pressure and diabetes. If you want to be a healthy guy, who is able to help care for his loved ones, then cut out the meat and dairy so you can live a long life, full of energy, with minimal medical support.

4. Plants increase virility.

4 Reasons Why The Guys in Your Life Should Go Vegan Today

“Oh hey, girl…”

Yep, eating more plants means more fun in bed! It’s commonly known that eating meat will clog your arteries and that can not only lead to heart disease but also, and very often, to fertility problems as well as ED. Because they are so high in vitamins and minerals, plant-based foods can in addition work as an aphrodisiac. Ginger, for example, enhances blood flow (blood flow to, you know, everywhere), berries are high in Vitamin C, which is important for the production of sex hormones (yep, plants can play a role in your sperm count!), and soy lowers the risk for prostate cancer. So no doubt, you will increase your intimate life by picking the vegan lifestyle.

Do you know any dudes who have transitioned to a vegan diet? Tell us about the vegan men in your life!

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Photo: Pexels, Brendan Brazier via Instagram, David Carter via Instagram

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