Here's How To Find Your Vegan Match In Time For Valentine’s Day

January 15, 2020

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Whether or not you like to partake in the holiday’s commercialized tradition of purchasing overpriced flowers, chocolates, and other material items in the name of “love”—if you’re single, you still may be yearning for a certain special someone to share the day with.

But finding a significant other who checks all of your boxes and shares the same values as you can be tricky—especially if you adhere to a vegan lifestyle.

After all, navigating the ever-shrinking dating pool of potential singles becomes even more difficult (and frustrating) when you throw “abstains from eating the flesh and bodily parts of brutally slaughtered animals” to your lengthy list of qualities you want your ideal partner to have.

For all of the vegan singletons out there—worry not! We’ve got three phenomenal things you can do to help you meet your future veg-loving partner!

3 Ways To Find Your Vegan Match In Time For Valentine’s Day


Get Matched By A Professional

Love guru and matchmaking extraordinaire Karine Charbonneau, aka the Vegan Cupid, first started connecting veg singles nearly a decade ago through her popular speed dating events hosted exclusively for vegetarians and vegans.

Now, Karine works to match vegetarian and vegan singles living in the U.S. and Canada via her matchmaking company, FindVegLove. You can either sign up for a basic membership, which grants you entry into her database of veg singles, or you can become a premium client for a more personalized matchmaking experience. Karine even offers an eight-week dating course for single adults in need of a little help in the love department!

Download A Vegan Dating App

Dating apps have become all too popular, especially amongst millennials. While location-based apps like Tinder and Bumble are a great way to meet singles in your area, they’re not exactly convenient for those looking to connect with fellow plant-based babes (although, does allow users to specify dietary requirements in potential matches!).

Thankfully, the holy grail of digital, on-the-go vegan matchmaking does exist in the form of dating apps like Veggly and Grazer, which are specifically geared towards coupling vegans.

Attend A Vegan Event

If you’re looking for a more “natural” way of meeting your veggie-loving soulmate, try attending a vegan event in your area!

Scour the web for vegan pop-ups and festivals occurring in your city, or join a vegan Meetup group! While you’re not guaranteed to meet a potential love interest at a vegan or veg-friendly event, you’ll still be surrounded by and be able to network with likeminded individuals!

What’s your favorite way to meet likeminded potential love interests?

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