Poem | Thoughts I Have While Volunteering At The Arts Center

February 22, 2021

Thoughts I Have While Volunteering at the Arts Center

For so many
it is true

We don’t know
how to frame ourselves

Just look at the acrylic
of the Monarch Butterflies

A few centimeters of garden
on an 8×11

by a five-inch thick gold frame


Just outside, there are geese
lowering themselves from sky to lake
unbothered by frigid water
undisturbed by the ice
making its way to the shore
on the helm of a wave
traveling from the open water.


Photo: Meg Jerard via Unsplash

Natalli Amato
Natalli's first collection of poems was published by Ra Press in September 2019. The poems are a celebration of the Lake Ontario region and serve as a reflection on how the human experience fits into the natural order of nature. The collection includes Natalli's poem "When I am Shucking Corn," which was awarded Syracuse University's Edwin T. Whiffen Poetry Prize. Find out more at her website.


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