These Eco-Chic Gifts Under $100 Are So Pretty You'll Want Them For Yourself

December 8, 2016

5 Stunning Yet Affordable Gifts You'll Want for Yourself

The holiday season can feel stressful, especially when budgets are tight.  But one doesn’t have to go into debt or spend too much money buying a beautiful, quality made gift for a friend or loved one.  The following items, all made in the USA, are under $100.

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5 Stunning Yet Affordable Gifts You'll Want for Yourself

Easygoing Moon Charm Bracelet | Scosha | $95

Made in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this is a braided wax nylon bracelet with silver and turquoise beads. The charms and fastener are in 18k gold plated sterling silver, and the moon features a tiny diamond.  Scosha offers repair and rebraiding services. They’re perfect for stacking! I’ve had my bracelet – similar to this one – for almost a year, and there’s no sign of fraying (and I wear it working out and surfing ).

Scosha makes jewelry for a range of budgets and their pieces include anything from solid cotton bracelets adorned with a simple bead for around $75, to elaborately jeweled fine pieces for thousands of dollars.

5 Stunning Yet Affordable Gifts You'll Want for Yourself

Recycled Gold Hug Hoop Earring | Melissa Joy Manning | $100

Crafted from recycled gold, these timeless earrings hug the earlobe. Melissa Joy Manning is committed to using eco-friendly, sustainable materials and utilizes traditional methods of metalsmithing.  All pieces are USA made.

5 Stunning Yet Affordable Gifts You'll Want for Yourself

Giclee Archival Print of Original Cut Paper Piece | Molly Costello | $28

I realize that art is personal and not always the most appropriate gift, but I recently stumbled upon artwork by Molly Costello and felt instantly drawn to her work.  Using cut paper, Molly evokes a sense of divine connection to the universe that we all possess through our relationships with ourselves, one another, nature, and our inner light. Her giclee prints of her original pieces are very affordable, so gift yourself or gift a friend who appreciates and honors the infinite ways in which we’re all connected.

5 Stunning Yet Affordable Gifts You'll Want for Yourself

Horizon Wall Hanging | Layers of Earth | $60

Created by Baltimore-based Joanna Otten, this interesting decor piece is made with cotton rope, which hangs from found driftwood. The ends are wrapped in cotton dyed with marigold and indigo.

All of Otten’s jewelry and objects are crafted using plant-based, naturally dyed fibers, and are 100% vegan and eco-conscious.  Most of her jewelry is priced under $100 and would make great gifts, too!

5 Stunning Yet Affordable Gifts You'll Want for Yourself

Sterling Silver “Worrystone” Ring | Audry Rose Jewelry | $90

Audry Rose is a curated collection of jewelry by designers who source their stones ethically. This ring, by designer Sarah Swell, is designed after stones found on the beach. Each shape is unique–just as the stones that are found by the sea.


Also, consider giving the gift of a donation to a cause or organization your loved one is passionate about.

What affordable gifts are on your list this year?

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