Emily Deschanel's LOVE GOODLY Collab Is The Best Gift For Your Friends. Period.

December 9, 2016

There’s a lot that is wrong with celebrity worship in America, but sometimes, some celebrities use their powers for good and warm your heart in the process! Leonardo DiCaprio’s meeting this week with Donald J. Trump and daughter Ivanka to convince them to implement policies to counter global warming, for example. (If you’re reading this Leo…Call us. <3) There are so many celebrities who use their platform to sell another lip kit, leggings, shoe line, or what have you. But once in a blue moon, when a celeb actually takes on projects not to make more money but to stand up for causes s/he believes in, that message can reach across so many layers of society–which is so urgently needed today.

Enter Emily Deschanel, the Bones actress, vegan activist, environmentalist, sister of Zooey, and mother of two. Vegan since her teens, Deschanel has worked with organizations like The Humane Society, PETA, and Farm Sanctuary to tirelessly promote animal rights. She drives a Prius and gushes about shopping vintage, organic, and hemp clothing while stomping around in vegan shoes! (Well, they’re also 4″ heels and Stella McCartney–can we say Amen?) She turned Peter Liguori, former chairman of Fox and current CEO of Tribune, vegan! (That’s like you turning your boss vegan–the woman is fearless!) Plus, she wins our hearts with her passion for chocolate: “I try not to eat dessert too much, but if chocolate’s involved, I’m going to have it.” Apparently, she also goes weak for Seitan Piccatas…Mmm, seitan piccatas.

Emily Deschanel's LOVE GOODLY Collab Is The Best Gift For Your Friends. Period.

Also, she is unafraid to speak her mind:

Going vegetarian or vegan is certainly a way to lessen your footprint on the Earth. It’s upsetting to me that so many people think of themselves as environmentalists and still eat meat and dairy products. I think it’s something people should be considering given the emergency situation we’re in regarding water supplies, global warming, and the destruction of ecosystems. There’s a lot of overlap between animal rights and the environment.

Clearly, Deschanel is a peaceful dumpling if there ever was one. So I was incredibly excited to receive a LOVE GOODLY Dec/Jan box curated by Emily Deschanel herself, which will benefit Farm Sanctuary (she is a member of its board). And dumplings, the box was far more than I even expected. Squee alert…you’ve been warned. 😀

Emily Deschanel's LOVE GOODLY Collab Is The Best Gift For Your Friends. Period.

Emily Deschanel's LOVE GOODLY Collab Is The Best Gift For Your Friends. Period.

First of all, opening this box is like, “ooooh” and “aaaaah”… It was the most Christmas-y package ever, and I hadn’t even gone through the goods!

Emily Deschanel's LOVE GOODLY Collab Is The Best Gift For Your Friends. Period.

You also get a note explaining that the proceeds of this box benefit Farm Sanctuary–one of the leading voices in advocating for farm animals and compassionate vegan life.

Once you gobble down Boomchickapop (GF Vegan non-GMO) popcorn, you get to the cruelty-free beauty loot hand-selected by Emily.

Emily Deschanel's LOVE GOODLY Collab Is The Best Gift For Your Friends. Period.

Emily Deschanel's LOVE GOODLY Collab Is The Best Gift For Your Friends. Period.

When I saw MyChelle Perfect C Serum (value $44), it was literally like Christmas came early. I love Mychelle products, having used multiple bottles of the Apple Brightening Serum, as well as currently using the Remarkable Retinal Serum *and* Magnolia Fresh Eyes Eye Cream. My experience has been that *all* Mychelle products are super powerful–and especially great for erasing fine lines & uneven tone, and giving a youthful, plump appearance. (See my anti-aging saga, chronicled here in detail).

And this Perfect C Serum (loaded with 17% L-Ascorbic Acid-the only effective anti-aging form of Vitamin C) did not disappoint, when I tried it out last night. I absolutely believe in layering serums to adequately hydrate and fix skin issues since I don’t use a moisturizer (most moisturizing creams have binding agents that seem to clog my pores). I woke up this morning with incredibly bright, radiant (!!!) complexion despite sleeping 5 hours. Hallelujah.

Moving on. My eyes went straight to Pacifica Enlightened Lip Gloss in Opal (value $10)! I am a lipstick gal through and through, but one slick of this pretty lip gloss has made a convert out of me. The color is pale enough to be a true nude, yet rosy enough to be flattering on your face, with just the right about of shimmer that seems to bounce off all your features like strobe light. Le sigh. It’s also formulated without any of the icky toxins and with healthy coconut and antioxidants. BONUS: Pacifica has a zero product-manufacturing waste process. I am so impressed. (You can choose 1 of 3 colors with your box, by the way: Opal, Nudist, or Ravish).

Next, it’s more nude love with Cote Nail Polish (choose among 9 colors; value $18). Made in the US, cruelty-free, vegan, and 5-free, for clean, safe glamour. I’m thinking about some R&R this weekend with me and this baby.

Speaking of R&R, you also get Mullein & Sparrow Custom Facial Steam (value $10). This beautiful blend of organic herbs has been made exclusively for LOVE GOODLY. You just boil water, steep the herbs for 5-0 minutes, and stand over the pot for over 5 minutes, breathing deeply. I love DIY tea steam facials; not only are they deeply relaxing, they’re actually detoxifying. I will certainly be using this to calm my nerves from holiday stresses.

The total value of the box is $83.50, yet you can order one now for just $29.95–and have it ship out to your lovelies on December 12, so you don’t even have to scramble to find, pack, and mail out your gifts before Christmas. Even if you just wanted to buy MyChelle (ahem, aka yours truly), this is a better deal than buying it at the local grocery store, hint hint. Find out more at the LOVE GOODLY website.

What product from this amazing box looks the most enticing to you?

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