I Tried Tapping & It Changed My Life. Here's How It Realigns Your Energy And Mood In Minutes

December 9, 2021

I keep finding and trying out new techniques in the area of manifestation and learning to use our personal power to stabilize and brighten our vibration. EFT Tapping is the use of acupuncture points on the body by simply tapping on them with fingers in a special order. It’s a very simple 10–20 minutes practice which, combined with spoken affirmations of self-love, forgiveness, and desires, just makes things happen. I’ve personally experienced my energy being realigned within just a couple of minutes. It’s my go-to anxiety remedy now! I have also been tapping for money, and things are going well.


How It Works

The method of tapping is energy work combined with the power of words, bringing attention to issues and areas of our lives needing improvement, and picturing our perfect reality. Tapping is an honest look at the situation you currently find yourself in, with no hiding or suppressing how you really feel and think. You admit your insecurities, disbeliefs, worries, and fears. Complete honesty and transparency are extremely important as this brings an issue up to the surface. If you still reject some aspects of your problem, it becomes impossible to dissolve and transform it completely.

In tapping you verbally express forgiving and accepting all your old patterns, mistakes, and limitations you have imposed on yourself. You acknowledge your fear of change, unworthiness, and failure. You declare to love yourself in spite of your weaknesses and things you wish to get rid of. You announce how you do not wish to stay limited and are ready to receive transformation of your life and your being.

How To Do It

The easiest way is to follow tapping videos on YouTube. Over time you can come up with your own tapping script, but for initial guidance I recommend Gala Darling, from whom I learned about this technique. Ever since I tried the very first session with her, I have been impressed with the effect it had on me. My favorite tapping video is ‘Anxiety EFT Tapping‘ by Gala.

You tap with the tips of your fingers on the crown of your head (alternating taps of your left and right fingers), your forehead (over the eyebrows), your temples, under your eyes (on the cheek bone), between your nose and lips, between your lips and chin, under your collar bones (alternating), on one side of your ribs, and the base of your palms against each other.

You tap on each point for about 8 seconds. While doing so you speak affirmations out loud. These include acceptance of your current state, accepting and forgiving yourself for being in this state, acknowledging that pattern of behavior and willingness to change it. A crucial part of tapping is not shying away from what you really feel and say to yourself and not blaming yourself for however long you have been stuck feeling this way. You say things like:

  • Even though I am used to feeling this way…
  • Even though I have begun to identify with this…
  • I deeply and completely love, forgive, and accept myself
  • I forgive my brain for just trying to protect me
  • I forgive me limiting myself

After addressing your current state of being, you move towards the spoken affirmations of positivity and change. These include sentences like:

  • Even though I have been feeling this way for a while, I am ready to change
  • I don’t intend to be feeling this way forever
  • I am strong, powerful and fully capable of handling anything I am dealing with
  • I am supported, loved and guided by the Universe
  • I don’t know how but things will work out for me, because they always do

You can create your own tapping, following these guidelines. It can be helpful when you are working on a very specific situation, such as a particular health condition or another obstacle in life. Gala says that she had healed her asthma and eating disorder by coming up with her own tapping script. This was the very beginning of her tapping journey. I am looking forward to using tapping for some health conditions I believe and know I don’t have to be dealing with forever.

There are so many techniques in spirituality and mindfulness. You just need to pick the ones that you feel connected with, and that work best for you personally. Meditation, spoken affirmations, tapping, biofield tuning, Reiki, sound healing, energetic healingthe list goes on and on. I am grateful that I keep uncovering new and new tools helping us live our most abundant and blissful lives. I hope tapping works for you too. Give it a try!


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Photo: Fredrick Suwandi via Unsplash

Anna Chuzhmarova
Anna is a certified biofield tuning practitioner, Reiki healer and writer. She lives in Amsterdam, is a sunset, moon, water, and life appreciator and enjoys time with her loved ones, studying spirituality and healing techniques, sports, yoga, dancing, and self-care. She is passionate about helping others discover the infinite power and love within them and live their best lives. Her Instagram account is @tuningtolove.


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