5 Things You Should Never Say To Keep Changing Your Life For The Better

October 21, 2021

There are some words we should never say out loud about ourselves and our lives. Many of such expressions have become so common in our every day speech. But they can be blocking you from achieving your full potential and bringing your best version of reality into life. Here are the word combinations and conversational topics that should best be avoided and how you can replace them with the words that work in your favor.

I can’t

Forget this phrase whatsoever. Saying you cannot do something cements yourself deeper into the current reality you are experiencing. We are capable of anything, so much more than our brain can even comprehend. This physical body is not fully aware of the abilities of our higher consciousness, one of which is the power to shape and transform our reality with the way we think, speak, and act.

So what really happens when you say “I can’t” with regards to something you would love to be able to do but keep convincing yourself and the Universe is not possible? The Universe takes this as an order, as your preferred outcome and reality. Saying you cannot stop smoking you are telling the Universe that you do not wish to stop and prefer to keep experiencing struggle with quitting. The Universe then fulfills your wish and sends you plenty of evidence and confirmations that you indeed cannot.

I am…

If these two words are followed by negative, self-limiting adjectives and nouns characterizing you as a lesser version of yourself, this is what you are intentionally choosing to be experiencing forever. I know it can be challenging to reformulate all the most common expressions people use daily. “I am not feeling well” should be replaced with “I am getting better.” When you have to tell your employer you are actually not feeling well and not just “getting better,” then what I like to do is cancel that out with repeating the positive affirmation multiple times afterwards. So for each not-feeling-well you say five I-am-getting-better-s.

Instead of saying “I am just a beginner artist, I am only learning and only now starting,” you say “I am an artist, a talented artist, perfecting my skill.” Speak of yourself as the version of yourself you wish to see, not of what you feel you are lacking and still need to grow into.

Undesirable outcomes

If you do not want something to happen do not speak about it. I prefer to explain people that I avoid certain phrases, so that they don’t get confused with how I make a seemingly easy thing to say more complicated. You get better at this with time. For example, when I have to talk about a possibility of a negative outcome, I speak in third person. I would say “imagine that there is this girl, if X happened to her, she would do Y.” This way I explain what needs to be explained but do not give the Universe any “wrong” ideas. Will people think that’s weird? Probably. But we are focused on living our best lives, right? We should not conform to the common forms of speech that negatively impact us. Moreover, you can always just refuse to answer the question or talk about an unpleasant topic.

It just works this way

“No matter what I do, it just keeps—,” “no matter what I have tried, it is still—,” “it is just not changing,” “nothing is working,” “it just keeps happening.” Very dangerous phrases. Imagine that you have built a box within your reality. And in this box some unpleasant thing just keeps happening over and over again. As you keep experiencing it you keep talking and complaining about it. What you are actually doing is building thicker and thicker walls of this box. You are locking yourself deeper and deeper in this version of your life where this unpleasant circumstance keeps happening, every time you speak of it this way. You are strengthening that pattern with every word confirming its prevalence.

The way out of that box, the way to stop it from reoccurring is changing your narrative. Switch to “it is changing,” “it is getting better,” “it can be different.” Yes, you may still be seeing evidence of it, but you need to refuse to believe it will always be this way. Manifest the change in this situation with the power of your words (and thoughts too). But then of course there are situations from which we should just walk away, and they may keep repeating themselves to teach us something or get us to move.

Topics of your conversations: what are you empowering?

Are you talking about problems or opportunities? About what you are lacking or what you are enjoying and having enough of? About what could go wrong or what could go right? Because some of these are bringing you closer to your dreams and desires, and all the negatively charged discussions are moving your away from your perfect situations and conditions.

People are so used to running to their friends to discuss any minor or major unpleasant situation, concern, or worry of theirs. Not only it is intoxicating for both of you energetically to be spending minutes and hours bathing in a negatively charged energy, but when you soak into this vibration you are manifesting more of this very thing that you dislike. Break the habit of discussing parts of your reality that you do not enjoy. Ignore them to the most of your ability.

Change your story. Change the way you speak about yourself, your abilities, and your situations, and see the world around you transform to match these new orders you are giving the Universe to fulfill. Abraham Hicks says that you should only speak of the parts of your reality that are perfect, and if you then (currently) find nothing to speak about then you lie about it. Lie about it until you no longer need to lie.


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Photo: Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash


Anna Chuzhmarova
Anna is a certified biofield tuning practitioner, Reiki healer and writer. She lives in Amsterdam, is a sunset, moon, water, and life appreciator and enjoys time with her loved ones, studying spirituality and healing techniques, sports, yoga, dancing, and self-care. She is passionate about helping others discover the infinite power and love within them and live their best lives. Her Instagram account is @tuningtolove.


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