Strawberry Lemon Cooler With Mint

September 2, 2014

This summer has been a funny one. Save for a few excessively humid days, New England has experienced a rather mild season. Until last week, that is. Suddenly, amid the turning leaves and brisk morning temperatures, Boston was hit with a major heat wave that left me with no inclination to turn on the stove or oven. My solution? This cooling, nutritious beverage that’s not quite a smoothie, but not quite juice, either. I was inspired by a favorite drink at a raw, vegan juice bar near my office. The juice, which features a blend of kale, pineapple, lemon, coconut water, and probiotics is at once refreshing and filling. I decided to put my own summer spin on it, and I daresay that it’s even better than the original!

Strawberry Lemon Cooler with Mint | Peaceful Dumpling

A delicious, refreshing end-of-summer treat!

Strawberry Lemon Cooler

Serves 1


1 cup strawberries, frozen
1 lemon, skin removed
7-8 mint leaves
1 cup coconut water or water
1-2 cups kale, optional (I didn’t add any to the batch that is photographed)
Contents of one vegan probiotic capsule, optional (to do this, simply open up a probiotic pill and pour the powder into the blender with other ingredients)
4-5 ice cubes

Directions: Add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smooth. If using a regular blender, you may need to add additional water to help facilitate blending. Enjoy!


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Photo: Molly Lansdowne

Contributing Editor Molly Lansdowne lives in Boston, Massachusetts. In her free time, she enjoys writing, practicing yoga, and traveling around New England. Follow Molly on Pinterest @bostonvegan and Instagram @molly_lansdowne.


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