3 Groundbreaking Skincare Tips To Restore Peace & Make You Look Amazing (Especially Now)

June 5, 2020

You might be wondering, “is this really the right time to be discussing skincare?” And I would say that now is a *great* time. Let me explain. This week Mary and I were having a discussion about race (a heavy discussion indeed). As soon as we started talking about skincare, we could joke and laugh and feel like ourselves again. On one level, self-care is standing up for yourself. On another level, beauty can be an incredible common denominator that unites all women (and other genders too). It’s like sports diplomacy or when an orchestra goes to play at an enemy country and everyone’s like, “we’re all just music lovers.”

Beauty, too, is not just frivolity. It’s a reminder of our self-worth and dignity and all the fun and joyful things life has to offer. I can’t think of a single racial/ethnic group in which women are like, “nah, we don’t care about skincare. Bring on the wrinkles.” Women everywhere love talking about red lipstick and serums. It’s a universal language, guys.

On that note, here are some new skincare tips to try in the name of all womankind. And just remember, you deserve this.

I’m 33 and still can’t get my eyebrows exactly symmetrical. Moving on.

At-home LED Device

This is causing UN-level debate within the PD team. LED light facials are designed to brighten discoloration, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and give an overall radiance—in as little as 10 minutes, according to some famous fans. Reports are swirling that Meghan Markle’s wedding-day “matte glow” (yes, sigh, incredibly chic and incredibly hard to nail) was due to an LED light facial. Her makeup artist and bestie Daniel Martin swears by this:

Skin Inc. Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light++ $295

Ouch! Is this worth the cost? Judge for yourself:

Matte-glow. Nailed it!


I’ve been super resistant to this K-beauty item, an extra hydration step that sits between toner and serum. I knew that my cousins swore by it, but I just. couldn’t. be. bothered. This changed since a few months ago when I started using Cocokind Glow Essence. This extra step really locks in hydration so that my skin plumps and firms. That wise proverb about treating your skin like a rose and putting hydration first (otherwise, the rose dries and wrinkles!) really is true. I layer the essence with Cocokind Vitamin C Serum. Both have sea grape caviar, blue algae extract, and sea buckthorn for radiance and elasticity. Cocokind is cruelty-free, vegan, and sustainable, and contains no filler ingredients. (I’ll be adding these to our Peaceful Dumpling online boutique, where we have other tried-and-true clean beauty products.)

cocokind essence

Cocokind Glow Essence $17.99 (I also love their price point!)

Steam & Ice

As I get older, there are days when I’m like “Why, oh why do I look exhausted?” When you’re really looking like you need a vacation (and *that* isn’t going to happen any time soon), here’s what mega facialist Kate Somerville advises her celeb clients do.

“I know these are really basic things, but ice to me is the biggest healer,” she says. “So, [first utilize] heat, water [and] steam to lift, plump [and restore] hydration, and then if you’re puffy, ice…I’m telling you it’s like the best face lift ever.” (Underline our own.)

Here’s how to do it: first take a hot shower to get rid of the baddies lurking in your system. Then, use ice-cold spoons to apply your normal skincare products like essences, serums, and moisturizers to constrict the vascular system, shrink pores, and de-puff. Even if you’re not especially tired, I imagine this hot + cold combo might make a person look like she lost 5 lbs instantly.

Enjoy your self-care time, peaceful dumplings!😽


Photo: Peaceful Dumpling; fox_ua via Instagram


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