Get Mermaid-Like Radiance With These 6 Skin Saviors Straight From The Sea

September 15, 2017

There’s something about the sea. It’s more than just the soothing lap of the waves that can induce a meditative state. It’s greater than the salty breeze that calms the soul. Our seas are bountiful providers of an array of healing ingredients. And when it comes to the skin, they truly come into their own. Today we’re discussing the key vegan plants and minerals you need to be using. Draw on inspiration from the sea in your skin care routine and learn how to make the most of the ocean during your next trip to the beach; here’s how to do the beach-babe thing right.

I always wonder why we refer to our planet as “Earth” when ocean simply outweighs the soil. Maybe it’s because men and women occupy the land and not the seas and so that’s why we place emphasis on the parts we can walk on. But for centuries people all around the world have been aware of the importance of the sea and how it provides for us in so many ways. Fast-forward to today; there’s no denying that a trip to the beach is exactly what the doctor ordered for any urbanite needing to catch their breath from the city smog.

The seas are full of the good stuff. Especially vegan-friendly good stuff. Skip marine collagen extracted from fish and opt for these friendly plant-based alternatives to incorporate into your routine. Next time you’re purchasing a product, skim the ingredients for these powerful boosters:

Spirulina. This is a blue-green alga that acts as a strong anti-inflammatory agent. Studies have indicated promising results when used to treat auto-immune diseases. It also exhibits strong antiviral and anti-cancer effects. Irritated skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and acne could all benefit from spirulina as an added ingredient.

Irish Moss. This red seaweed, Chondrus crispus, is the holy grail of the seaweeds. Believed in Irish folklore for generations to bring good luck and health, Irish Moss contains almost every vitamin and mineral, is loaded with antioxidants and thus encourages healthy cell growth and provides anti-viral properties. Applied topically, it can be used to treat irritated, recurring skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea as well as irritating one-offs like rashes, insect stings, and sunburn. An all-around miracle-worker, many might say.

Sea Fennel. Also known as samphire, sea fennel is a flowering marine plant harvested for its culinary uses (if you’ve never had a side dish of samphire, you’ve not lived) but also for its skin care properties. Considered an alternative to retinol, sea fennel might be the ingredient you’ve been looking for to unclog pores and get brighter skin or fade dark spots caused by UV damage. Much research is still to be done, but the high antioxidant concentration within sea fennel is a sign of many useful applications to come.

Dead Sea Mud. Not exactly from the sea, dead sea minerals come from the world’s deepest and most saline lake. It’s been famously therapeutic dating back to biblical times and there’s good reason for it. Studies have shown it’s been hugely beneficial in a variety of disorders including rheumatism and psoriasis. This is because the mud is infused with many minerals. Try a mud mask to maximize the benefits.

Salt Water. Yes, the sea itself, full of all kinds of things, including an array of important minerals, is hugely beneficial for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Also, if dryness is your concern, worry not because the high magnesium content helps the skin retain moisture, which makes it stronger and more resilient.

Chlorella. Technically not from the sea, this freshwater-grown green algae is considered a superfood by many and for good reason. Rich in antioxidants, chlorella works both internally and externally to strengthen cells and boost youthfulness. It’s been shown to reduce hypertension and improve immunity when taken in supplement form and applied topically is believed to improve skin elasticity.

The waters on our planet are filled with all kinds of important skin soothers, so be sure to start reading the ingredients lists and looking out for these. Plus, next time you’re at the beach, make the most of all the easy DIY beauty solutions you can enjoy. These include:

A walk on the sand to exfoliate the feet. Rub the sand into any rough areas to slough away dead skin cells and reveal healthy, fresh skin below.

A soak in the sea water to soothe any skin ailments. Be sure to immerse the scalp and hair to add nourishment and rehydrate any dryness.

Cold water swimming to boost the lymphatic and cardiovascular systems and give your skin and hair that well-lusted-after sheen.

Do you use any sea-inspired vegan and cruelty-free skincare? Have you found a trip to the beach has helped your skin in the past?

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Photo:  Unsplash & Kat Kennedy

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