Stress Repair Eye Concentrate +

By Chantecaille

Stress Repair Concentrate+ is Chantecaille’s best-selling eye cream in a rich, creamy texture that glides on luxuriously. A potent new refining lipopeptide and a wrinkle-fighting hexapeptide, combined with de-puffing botanicals, leave the eye area looking smooth and visibly lifted.

Product Description

  • Anti-aging and de-stressing actives Hawthorn, Arabian Jasmine and bell pepper stem cell extract
  • Regular use promotes a brighter, more awake appearance around the eyes
  • Caffeine and Bell Pepper Stem Cell Extract rich in peptides help reduce the look of under eye puffiness and under eye dark circles
  • Crafted in Switzerland with the highest quality pure botanicals.
  • 89% from Natural Origin

Editor’s Note

The eye cream comes with a tiny metal applicator spoon. I found it cooling and wonderful for lymphatic drainage. Per beauty associate’s advice, I used 1/2 rice grain-sized amount of cream on each lid. It glided on luxuriously in a way that many eye creams (either too watery or too oily) do not. I immediately noticed a difference in the mirror: my eyes looked brighter, younger, more rejuvenated. After using it at night, I eagerly ran to my mirror to find that the hollowing of the under-eyes had miraculously filled out—it reminded me of the volume I naturally used to have there, honestly about 7.5 years ago. And as much as I love the “wisdom” and “experience” of my thirty-something face, I do not mind looking like I have eyes of a 27-year-old!!

Stress Repair Concentrate+ Eye Cream is the luxury beauty brand’s bestselling eye cream with anti-aging hawthorn, Arabian jasmine, and bell pepper stem cell extracts. It also contains peptide-rich caffeine (reduce puffiness and dark circles) and wild indigo extract (enhances under eye luminosity and reduce redness). And it also contains lipopeptide that “softens the appearance of frown lines, marionette lines and nasogenial folds.” And behold, I’ve been using some on my laugh lines as well and seeing noticeable results. (!!) See the full review and before and after here.