Kalahari Desert Detox Bath Salts

By African Botanics

A seaweed infused salt soak for a relaxing bath that detoxes and relieves muscle tension. Boasting pure, mineral-rich salt harvested from Africa’s Kalahari Desert and infused with oxygenating seaweed, unique African botanicals, and caffeine for the ultimate bath soak.

The unique blend boosts circulation, breaks down cellulite and excess fluids, relieves muscle tension, and leaves skin soft and regenerated.
Crushed African Buchu leaf, Juniper, and Lemongrass provide a mood-boosting scent as well as being antiseptic.

Powerfully recalibrating, this calming soak works to balance your pH levels and remineralise the whole body—reinvigorating while alleviating tension and dispelling stress.

Editor’s Note

This South African-made is inspired by the African landscape and flora and feature wild-harvested ingredients, intelligent collagen boosters, botanical stem cells, and marine biotechnology. 100% vegan, responsibly sourced, and cruelty-free.