Icelandic Youth Serum

By Skyn Iceland

A super-concentrated, multi-correctional serum formulated with award winning anti-oxidant sponge technology and powered by Astaxanthin, one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet, to hydrate, brighten and smooth stressed skin, all in one simple step.

Created to preserve and restore skin’s youthful appearance and help prevent stress-induced signs of aging—from fine lines to discoloration and loss of radiance—the fast-absorbing formula helps correct damage and boost hydration levels while improving tone and texture. Powered by Astaxanthin, a groundbreaking antioxidant harvested from Icelandic micro-algae, Icelandic Youth Serum transforms uneven, photo-aged skin, while defending against pollution and premature aging, for healthier, glowing skin.

Editor’s Note

When I visited Iceland in 2016, I definitely noticed that women there boast fresh, spotless, and radiant skin. (Really—I don’t think I saw any blemishes, wow.) Many point to the culture of bathing in hot springs while slathering mineral-rich clay on their faces. A favorite of Sutton Foster, Skyn Iceland is also powered by 100% renewable geothermal energy. Vegan and cruelty-free.