Vegan Biscoff Rocky Road Bars

September 4, 2020
This recipe was first published in Kelham Island Kitchen.

Oh-My-God. These vegan Biscoff rocky road squares are to die for! This vegan Biscoff rocky road is dangerously quick and easy to make—you can be eating it in half an hour (if you’re patient enough to wait for it to set). It only contain five ingredients and you can swap for whatever you have in the cupboard. These ingredients are: chocolate, Biscoff spread, biscuits. salted pretzels, and Rice Krispies.

I used a mix of Bournville and the new NOMO hazelnot chocolate bar which gave a really lovely milk chocolate flavor. The bits from the hazelnot bar also added some extra flavor and texture to your rocky road. If you want it to be a bit less sweet, then go for all dark. Just choose your favorite chocolate. I think white chocolate might be a bit too sweet, but it also could be incredible!

For the biscuits, I used Ginger Nuts because they are cheap and easy to find. Most Ginger Nuts are vegan and the packet I picked up from ASDA was only about 30p. I love the crunch and spicy flavor that comes from Ginger biscuits. You could also use Digestives for a more classic flavor. I also think Oreos would be amazing in this. You could even use Biscoff biscuits for a double Biscoff hit.

I need to talk to you about chocolate and salted pretzels. It is THE BEST thing. The salt and the crunch from the pretzel with their slightly sweet glaze with the smooth, rich chocolate: It is a match made in heaven. When I buy pretzels it is usually to cover them in chocolate. For a quick nibble just drizzle some pretzels in chocolate, they are so moreish.

Rice Krispies
Rice Krispie treats are such a classic. I love the light crunch they have. I wanted to incorporate them in this rocky road to give a different texture and to lighten it up a bit. They stop this vegan Biscoff rocky road from being too dense and cloying. Some Rice Krispies aren’t vegan-friendly so be sure to check the packet.

Biscoff Last, but certainly not least, we have Lotus Biscoff Spread. It has become such a widely loved product. There is now a Biscoff version of almost every classic bake. The Biscoff is mixed with the melted chocolate to stop it from setting too hard. Usually, golden syrup is added to keep the chocolate soft and smooth. This not only makes it easier to cut but also so much easier to bite into. I have also added a drizzle on the top for decoration, but this is totally optional.
vegan rocky road bars on a white plate

Vegan Biscoff Rocky Road Bars

Recipe Type: Sweets
utensils YIELDS 9 servings
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  • 200g vegan chocolate
  • 100g Biscoff spread (plus 2 tbsp for drizzle)
  • 30g Rice Krispies
  • 100g biscuits
  • 40g salted pretzels (plus more for decoration)
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1. Break the chocolate into squares and put in a microwaveable bowl.

2. Microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring between, until all chocolate is melted.

3. Mix in the Biscoff spread.

4. Roughly chop the biscuits and pretzels.

5. Stir in the Rice Krispies, biscuits, and pretzels, until fully coated in chocolate.

6. Spread into a square baking tray.

7. Place the decorative pretzels on top, gently pressing them into the chocolate.

8. Put the Biscoff spread in a microwaveable bowl and heat for 20 seconds, or until runny. Drizzle using a spoon (or a piping bag if you’re feeling fancy!).

9. Put in the fridge for at least 20 minutes to firm up.

10. Remove from the tray and cut into 9 squares. If it’s hard to release, just gently put the diagonal corners of the tray away from each other. If this doesn’t work, chill in the fridge for a bit longer.


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Photo: Katharine Hopkins

Katharine Hopkins
Kat is a baker, pastry chef and freelance writer based in Sheffield, UK. She is vegan and passionate about sharing delicious, easy and accessible plant-based recipes everyone can enjoy. Kat runs a vegan baking and recipe blog and you can find her on Instagram @_veganbaker.


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