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Quiz: Which Chakra Do You Need to Balance?

Since we’ve been obsessing over chakras here at Peaceful Dumpling, it was only a matter of time before something like *this* came up! Remember, it is totally possible to have more than one chakra that needs balancing–check if your main answer matches your description, and read the others to see if any of them sound applicable, too!

Quiz: Which Chakra Do You Need to Balance?


All right, let’s get to the deeper explanations of everything, shall we?

Chakras explained in detail: Root Chakra / Chakra II and III / Chakra IV and VChakra VI and VII

Yoga for Creativity (Throat)

Yoga for Your Heart and Green Buckwheat Bowl for Your Heart

Yoga for Solar Plexus and Solar Plexus Chickpea Curry

Yoga for Your Third Eye

Root Chakra Soup

Do you agree with your results? Let me know 😉 

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