Create Your Dream Workspace With These 5 Stylish Office Essentials

February 13, 2018

With so much of our time being spent at work, having a space that is fun and stylish to work in is important. Whether your office is nestled in your home or in an office building, there are a few ways to personalize and add style to any space with some simple yet strategic touches.

These office must-haves are an easy and efficient way to add personality to your surroundings and provide you with a space that makes you happy and motivated to be at work. When you’re working in a space that reflects your personality and suits your work needs, you may just find yourself feeling increasingly inspired–and in turn, more productive! Plus, let’s face it–even if you’re in your dream job, you still have to work hard and deal with stressful days and projects. Why not make work a little easier and reward yourself in the process?

5 Must-Have Desk Essentials for the Office of Your Dreams

1. Desk Skins

Transform any desk or table surface in your office with one of these surface skins. It is a quick and efficient way to jazz up your desk without having to buy another one. Choose from one of their many designs, and add a pop of color to your work surface.

5 Must-Haves to Create a Stylish Office Personalized Just For You

Blik Surface Skins are self-adhering and super durable.

2. Office Organizers

Having a system to organize your work and reduce clutter in the office is essential for stress-free productivity. It creates unison and eliminates distraction as you work. I love going for eclectic designs and neutral colors. This Yamazaki Black Nest collection from the Container Store is different and fun, and their collection includes everything you need for a systemized office.

5 Must-Haves to Create a Stylish Office Personalized Just For You

Container Store Yamazaki Black Nest Collection

3. Motivational Pictures and Wall Accessories

As many of us spend so much time in our workspace, having the ability to look around and be met with the images and photos you love can instantly make you happy and motivated. Not to mention, they add something extra to your surroundings. Etsy has a great selection of wall art, much of it dedicated to the workplace. You can also create your own by printing out the quotes and images you love and framing them yourself.

5 Must-Haves to Create a Stylish Office Personalized Just For You

“You Got This” by Printable Beauty Art on Etsy 

4. Indoor Plants

Bringing plants into your office is a must–they are a stylish office accessory and provide an abundance of therapeutic properties (they actually help you cope with burnout!). When you aren’t able to stand outside and take a deep breath, they offer the soothing elements of earth while you work. They also provide an abundance of benefits as they reduce stress, increase creativity and clean the air around you (think of office colds).

5. Small-Room Essential Oil Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is a great thing to keep near your workspace, especially if you work from home or work in your own separate office. (A diffuser may or may not be a good fit for a communal workspace–everyone has to agree on using one and which scents should be diffused.) You can tailor the blend to suit your needs for a given day. For example, a stress-relieving blend may help you get centered before a big meeting while an invigorating blend will help you perk up on a dreary Monday morning. (As it turns out, aromatherapy can boost your productivity!)

5 Must-Haves to Create a Stylish Office Personalized Just For You

Edens Garden Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser

What are your must-have desk items?

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