Need A Mental Boost? Take These Supplements And Say, Buh-Bye, Brain Fog!

January 30, 2018

Do you find that you frequently experience brain fog or find that during times of high stress your brain lacks the ability to concentrate? Stress has a large impact on brain fog and influences your ability to maintain a clear and productive brain–and that can lead to an increase in stress and burnout.

Maintaining a clear and focused brain is essential for an optimal, low-stress lifestyle, and it is important to fuel your brain as you would your body. It will help you to approach stressful occurrences head-on and be able to better adapt and thrive when they come. Rather than relying on unnatural stimulants and over-the-counter medication, you can boost your brain power and eliminate brain fog with renowned all-natural remedies that have been praised for their brain rejuvenating abilities.

Whether you’re gearing your brain up for college exams, work assignments, or personal engagements, here are a few remedies to boost your brain and keep you alert and ready.

Need A Mental Boost? Take These Supplements And Say, Buh-Bye, Brain Fog!

Best Natural Supplements to Beat Brain Fog

Ashwaghanda has traditionally been used to enhance brain function. It is known to have a therapeutic effect on the nervous system and can aid in cognitive performance. Recent studies suggest it may help the nerve cells within the hippocampus to branch correctly. You can find the capsules and tinctures at your local health food store, as well as online. You can also find it as an oil, which is a soothing addition as it heals sore muscles.

Rhodiola is actually a root and can assist during times of burn out and high-stress exhaustion. It is beneficial for memory function and works to rejuvenate your brain. As it helps with depression and anxiety, it can stand as a mood regulator. Rhodiola is the first to come to mind when I feel overwork and tired.

Need A Mental Boost? Take These Supplements And Say, Buh-Bye, Brain Fog!

E3 Live was originally recommended to me by my nutritionist because of the impact it has on improving brain function and relieving brain fog. It has a profound ability to improve concentration, balance mood, and rejuvenate the brain. I normally buy the frozen sticks of E3 Live, which come in a bag that you can put in the freezer. It is convenient, as you can grab a frozen stick and put it into your water as you are heading out the door. Bottles of E3 Live are available as well.

Gingko Biloba is linked to healing and growing the cells in our brain. It has an overall powerful impact on the brain, as it influences mental clarity, memory, intelligence, and memory.

Ginseng is recognized as an adaptogen and therefore can help your body and brain better adjust to stress. Studies have suggested that it protects your brain cells against toxins, which may aid in slowing mental decline connected with age. It is a powerful brain-boosting herb.

Do you take brain-boosting supplements? Which brain fog-eliminating supplements are your favorite?

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