Natural Beauty: Refreshing Green Tea Face Spray

July 9, 2015

Natural Beauty: Refreshing DIY Green Tea and Vitamin E Spray

Like many southern California girls, I love summer. Yes, we enjoy mild weather all year long, but summer also gives us a warm ocean and amazing festivals practically every weekend. Watermelon Festival? Lotus Festival? Avocado Festival? Yes, please! Unfortunately, the summer months also mean that I struggle with dry skin. I have a very active toddler so in addition to my personal need to be outdoors enjoying the sun and fun, it is an absolute necessity to allow my little girl time outdoors to run, jump and explore. I clock quite a few additional hours outside a day now that I am a mommy. It makes both my daughter and I happy to soak up that vitamin D but it also has forced me to come up with a routine to protect our skin. While sunscreen is important for use daily, I quickly realized that it was not the only thing that my skin needed to protect and heal from the sun’s rays.

I apply sunblock several times a day and while that protects my skin, it also dries it out. I have tried a huge amount of products to add moisture to my skin and none of them worked as well as I needed. Special needs can force you to be a bit creative so I stirred up an awesome spray that I have used for years on my skin. It provides immediate moisture and gives my skin a little glow.

I carry a 3 oz. bottle of homemade vitamin E, olive oil and water that is infused with grapefruit peels and green tea in my bag. Every time I feel like I need a little pick-me-up or that my skin needs refreshing, I spray this mixture on my face and arms. The oils in the spray give my skin the necessary moisture without leaving me oily. It is also great for my hair because it keeps my curls fizz free. I keep it in the refrigerator until I leave the house making it a wonderful, cool, moisturizing spray for my face.

I filled the spray with essentials liquids for your skin:

vitamin e picture


1. Vitamin E: This vitamin is an amazing antioxidant and is perfect for your nails, hair and skin. While you can find this vitamin in many nuts and seeds that are in your diet, it is extremely beneficial as a topical ointment. Vitamin E cells helps new cells grow. It also helps to prevent wrinkles.

2. Olive Oil: I have been using this in my hair and on my skin for years. It is my go-to beauty product. This oil is incredibly versatile and can be used on our skin just as much as you use it in your food. It is perfect for dry skin any time of the year but is amazing in the summer especially on sunburned skin. Olive oil is also great to use while pregnant as it helps to prevent and repair stretch marks. It can even do wonders to repair dry and frizzy hair even dandruff and split ends.

3. Green Tea: While this tea can do wonders for our bodies as a drink, it can also have amazing effects on our skin when used topically. Green tea can be seeped and used as a rinse after washing your face. It is filled with amazing antioxidants to give your skin a fresh lift, making it look instantly brighter, calmer, and tighter.

4. Citrus: The smell of grapefruit (or any citrus) is refreshing and an instant mood lifter.


Green Tea, Vitamin E and Olive Oil Face Spray Recipe

1 oz. vitamin E oil (you can purchase a bottle or squeeze several liquid capsules)

1 oz. olive oil

The peels of your favorite citrus. Grapefruit peels work wonderfully but lemon, lime or orange would work as well.

2 green tea bags


1. You will need a small 3oz. spray bottle for this spray. You can find these online and at most convenient stores in the travel section.
2. Fill up 1/3 of the bottle with vitamin E oil.
3. Fill up 1/3 of the bottle with olive oil.
4. Boil ½ a cup of water on the stove with 2 tea bags of green tea. Once the water comes to a boil, toss in the grapefruit peels and turn off the fire. The tea bags and grapefruit will continue to seep as the water cools down. Once cool, add this as the last 1/3 of the bottle.
5. Refrigerate for at least an hour. Make sure to shake well before spraying because the oil and the water need to be mixed.

Alternates to the recipe:

For bedtime: substitute the grapefruit peels with lavender essential oil. You can find this online or in at your local health store. The smell of lavender encourages a sound, peaceful sleep.

Even though this spray has all natural ingredients, please test it on a small patch of your hand before applying it to your face to make sure that you are putting the best combination of ingredients on your skin.

Have you tried facial sprays? 

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Photo: Sorina Fant

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