Natural Beauty: Asian Spoon Facial Massage

July 17, 2014

While exploring the wide breadth of knowledge and weirdness known as YouTube, I somehow stumbled across a few videos of women using Chinese spoons to massage and release fluid retention from their face. It sounded crazy to me, but I was intrigued. Apparently it’s all the rage in Asia, and helps keep the skin firm, make the face appear slimmer, and detoxifies the face. In this video, a girl claims she lost 3mm from her face immediately after the massage. I tried it, and lost .2 inches off  my face, proof enough to me that it works! I really enjoy it because it’s quite relaxing, and I feel as though it massages my facial skin in a more even manner than I do with my hands. It also looks really silly which adds to the fun! This is also crazy difficult to do while taking pictures 😉

Please only do this massage with ceramic or porcelain Chinese spoons, as the plastic or metal ones have sharp edges and can damage your skin. The entire massage should take less than 10 minutes–never more than 10 to prevent damaging your skin from over stimulation. You can use two spoons at once or just one spoon. I like to use one because it gives me better control. I also recommend doing this at night because it will turn the skin on your neck a little red (it doesn’t last very long though).

Natural Beauty: Asian Spoon Facial Massage

Rub an all natural skin friendly oil on your face to minimize friction. I used raw coconut oil, but also enjoy grapeseed oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil as they are gentle to use and do not give me breakouts.

Start by massaging your forehead. Use very gentle strokes. Do not tug at the delicate skin of your face. Go upwards, always against gravity. Begin at the center and slowly go to the sides of your face and back to center again. Finish this part of the massage by scooping from the center to the temples.

Natural Beauty: Asian Spoon Facial Massage

Scoop your eyebrows, following their natural curve. You may also use the end of the spoon to very gently massage your eyelids from inner corner to outer corner and under your eyes in an upwards motion.

Natural Beauty: Asian Spoon Facial Massage

Begin massaging your cheeks by scooping the spoon upwards. Do the entire cheek area. You can also turn the spoon on it’s side to cover more surface area. Use the end of the spoon to massage your nose and around your mouth.

Natural Beauty: Asian Spoon Facial Massage IMG_20140717_022442 IMG_20140717_022018

Using the side of the spoon and starting at the center of your chin, stroke your jawline in an upwards motion (one side and then the other, unless you are using both spoons). Always bring the spoon down your neck after every stroke to rid your face of fluid and toxins, there is a lymph node behind your ears where this may build up–it may even be a little tender. Stroke upwards underneath the chin, and then use downward scooping strokes on your neck. Your skin may turn a bit red but that just means the toxins are being released.

chin downneck



End the massage by scooping above your collarbones towards the center of your chest. Then scoop downwards in the center of the chest to ensure full drainage of toxins and excess fluid.

collarbone chest


 Would you/have you tried this technique? Share!

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Photo: Jessica Ferguson

Jessica Ferguson
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