This DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray Gives You Mermaid Locks All Summer

May 31, 2023
Natural Beauty: DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

Want to feel like a mermaid? Try this simple DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray.

Splashing around in the gulf for a few hours was one of the highlights of my recent trip to Corpus Christi to apartment hunt.  The week had been pretty grueling. We’d been struggling to find an apartment that was affordable yet in a safe area. We didn’t give ourselves a whole lot of time to explore everything the city had to offer, figuring we’d have time to do that once we finally moved.

Natural Beauty: DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

Mustang Island, TX.

Once we put a deposit a place we both liked, we drove to Mustang Island to put our toes in the sand (finally!). Our little jaunt to the beach made me realized two things:

1.) I desperately need a new swim suit—I rarely needed mine in Oregon since a trip to the coast usually means jeans and sweater! 2.) My hair is capable of beachy waves. Why didn’t I know this before? Prior to this recent splash, I’d always brushed my hair out after getting it wet—or simply avoided getting it wet. (Yes, I’ve been that girl.)

This was a huge discovery for me because my hair is stubbornly straight and normally requires some serious hot tools and hair spray to manage a curl. (And those curls usually relax into loose waves after a few hours.)

By some salt water magic, my hair did this: 

Natural Beauty: DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

My hair has never been so effortlessly wavy!

As much as I wanted to bottle a little gulf water, I thought it would be more fun (and a little cleaner) to make my own, customized sea salt spray and share the recipe so you, too, can get your mermaid on! 

DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

You will need: 

1 spray bottle (8–10 oz.)

1 cup hot water 

2 tbs. epsom salt

½. tsp. sea salt (add more for greater stiffness) 

1 tsp aloe vera

½ tsp. conditioner or leave-in conditioner

1 tsp. water-based hair gel (optional, add if you need more hold) 

A few drops essential oil (for fragrance or extra conditioning)


Combine all of the ingredients in a spray bottle and mix until salt is dissolved in water. 

Spray onto damp hair while scrunching your hair with your fingers. Be sure to work the solution onto your roots for a boost of volume. Do not comb. 

For added texture. Allow hair to dry in a messy bun or french braids. Because the salt mixture is drying, treat this style as you would a heat style—i.e., do it in moderation and don’t forget to deep condition after you’ve enjoyed your style 🙂

Natural Beauty: DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

Post DIY spray! Lots of texture without all the sea-water grime.

Natural Beauty: DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

I let my hair dry in a loose bun. Some areas are a little crazy–but that part of the fun!

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Photos: Mary Hood

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