Natural Beauty: Conditioning DIY Vegan Hair Masks

April 14, 2014

As the days begin to warm up and the damp cold ceases, I worry for my hair, which has a tendency to dry out in hot weather. Instead of splurging on expensive, typically non-vegan products, I have come up with a few key DIY hair masks and tips (using ingredients found in the home) that keep my hair nourished and healthy, particularly in the upcoming dry summer months.

Avocado, banana and lemon juice mask for rejuvenation

Rejuvenating DIY Avocado Hair Mask


Avocados and bananas both contain Vitamin B, essential in repairing hair follicles, and potassium for restoring hydration. The added lemon juice will give your hair a nice shine!

Peel a ripe banana and ½ an avocado and place into a blender.

Squeeze in some fresh lemon juice.

Blend until smooth.

Place the mixture into your hair in sections. And pull hair into a bun, clip or put a shower cap on.

Leave in for up to 30 minutes and wash out in the shower.

Bonus tip: Potassium is essential for relieving dryness. Make sure to eat plenty of potassium-rich foods such as bananas, avocados, Swiss chard, lentils, and coconut water for moisturized skin and hair from inside out!

Coconut oil mask for shine

Coconut Oil DIY Hair Mask

Coconut oil not only helps hydrate your hair but also prevents frizz, giving you a nice, lustrous shine.

Whisk two tablespoons coconut oil.

Massage mixture into your hair, focusing on ends. Leave in for 20 minutes.

Wash out in the shower.

Bonus tip: I use coconut oil as a nourishing leave-in hair treatment at least twice a week. Pour a tiny bit (a little goes a long way!) of coconut oil into your palm. Rub your hands together to distribute evenly on your fingers, then run your fingers through your hair (from roots to ends) and leave in for one hour and wash out. Additionally, apply coconut oil (instead of traditional lotions) to your body after a shower.

Almond milk, avocado and olive oil mask for nourishment

vegan almond milk magnesium omega fiber protein

Almond milk has vital proteins for your hair and can help retain pigmentation. Olive oil, like coconut oil, is an ultimate moisturizer.

Peel and mash up ½ an avocado.

Pour in 2 tablespoons, almond milk and three tablespoons, olive oil.

Mix ingredients together and run the mixture through your hair.

Leave in hair for up to 30 minutes and wash out in the shower.

Bonus tip: Coconut oil, while an amazing natural moisturizer, can cause skin irritation for some. If you have highly sensitive skin, I suggest using olive oil to moisturize your face and body. It has great moisturizing benefits and does not irritate skin.

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Jessica Renae is a freelance journalist based out of Northern California. As an eight-year-long vegetarian, Jessica is obsessed with everything veg. Some of her favorite things include endless hikes through her backyard forest, challenging yoga poses and lazy days spent with her cats. Follow her on Instagram @jessbuxbaum.


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