Losing Motivation? 4 Ways To Rise Above Stagnation & Manifest Your Dreams

November 20, 2017

It’s human nature to seek improvement for yourself, whether it’s for your health, career, or relationships. We are constantly evolving, and from time to time, we to fine-tune different areas in our lives. We’ve been taught that in order to change something we must set a goal, an action plan. Just do it they say. In reality, this is easier said than done.

When initially starting a new venture or goal, our energy is high and our hearts are fully committed to the cause. Then after a few weeks, the luster starts to wear off and the new exciting feeling is replaced with disinterest or even resentment. In the past, I don’t know how many times I’ve hyped myself up to do a month-long cleanse. I bought the fresh ingredients, meal planned, and was ready to look and feel refreshed. Then after a few days of feeling deprived of my favorite foods, I lost interest and gave up. This is not to say my intentions weren’t pure; however, my motivation had declined for a reason. My intentions were missing a purpose; therefore, I had trouble maintaining motivation.

Without having a purpose, it’s hard to justify achieving a goal. Perhaps if I had stated that I wanted to do a month long cleanse to control my histamine intolerance, the goal would have stuck. Instead of just wanting to “feel refreshed,” I should have switched my mentality to I need to change my eating habits so I won’t feel sick, tired, and uncomfortable. To keep motivation alive, you need to get to the root of your goal, your why. This is when the magic happens.

Losing Motivation? 4 Ways To Rise Above Stagnation & Manifest Your Dreams

With the New Year on the horizon, goal setting and resolutions will be in full swing. Let this year be the year of unbreakable goals, full of transformation and new beginnings. Here’s how to keep the motivation alive.

Dig In

Losing Motivation? 4 Ways To Rise Above Stagnation & Manifest Your Dreams

Humans need clarity and justification for things that they do, especially when it comes to tasks that are difficult or uncomfortable. When setting intentions and goals, it is crucial to know the underlining purpose. To do this, you must dig in. Everything you need to know comes from within. Why do you want to eat healthy? Why do you want to switch careers? An important thing to ask yourself is if your purpose aligns with your soul. Is it for you or someone else? By discovering your why, your goal now has a passion and purpose.


Now that you understand why you’re choosing a new beginning or goal, fully surrender to the process. Motivation will remain high because you are deeply connected to the cause. This is the natural impact of creating an authentic goal that is honest and soul-driven. When you surrender deeply, you can envision the positive impact that achieving the goal will have on your life. This creates such a spark that absolutely nothing will stand in your way until you have fulfilled your goal.

Rise Above

Losing Motivation? 4 Ways To Rise Above Stagnation & Manifest Your Dreams

If the time comes that you ever find yourself losing that spark, re-center yourself and come back to your intention. Working towards a goal brings a lot of emotion and change, making some days unbearable. There have been times I’ve been frugal to help pay off debt but soon became frustrated with constantly eating in and missing out on social events. However, I had to refocus and rise above my emotions, focusing on the end game. To help eliminate negative feelings, try creating a vision board or saying mantras that represent your purpose to help keep the goal fresh. Visualizing what it is you’re trying to achieve helps keep motivation high. Additionally, try saying mantras that contain statements as if you have already achieved your goal such as, “I have financial freedom with absolutely no debt.” Most importantly, if you begin to doubt yourself, remember why you started and how reaching your goal will positively affect your life.


When working toward long-term goals, it is undoubtedly a process. Living in an instant gratification society, we often have issues with how long it takes to see the results of our progress. We want to see change immediately and become discouraged if we don’t feel as if change is occurring, giving up right before the breakthrough. Don’t give up before the breakthrough! The process of change requires not only work but also patience. Keeping the vision of your purpose clear will bring a calming effect. Have faith that the magic of change is happening and every day brings you one step closer to the life you want.

How do you stay motivated?

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