How To Come Back 10x Stronger When Life Knocks You Down

May 17, 2018

This article was originally published on March 31, 2017.

When Life Hands You a Reset

If there’s one thing I do know, life never ceases to surprise and amaze me. One minute your world is perfectly aligned, carrying on seamlessly. Your relationship is solid. Your job is fulfilling. Your health is strong. Then out of nowhere, your perfectly content world is shaken up by a serious curve ball. Your once faultlessly balanced life is falling apart.

Admittedly, I have had my fair share of “oh shit, what next?” moments in my life. None of these moments were expected, yet they happened, and I had to deal. Was being suddenly jobless in a foreign country ideal? No, definitely not. How about being completely blindsided with a break-up with someone you thought could potentially be the one? Not great. Although unfortunate, all of these terrible events have something in common: a fresh start.

It’s easy to look at unfortunate events in your life as a loss or a failure, yet they can be so much more. They offer learning experiences. In the midst of it all, it’s difficult to view things that way, but trust me; the truth is hidden underneath the hurt. The best thing you can do for yourself is to move forward and embrace the freedom. There aren’t many times life hands you a reset, but when it does, make the most out of it.

Here are some ways to embrace some of life’s most difficult resets.

Career. When it comes to work life, I truly believe it’s an area in life that should fulfill you. Some people are lucky and can fall into their dream job; meanwhile, for others, it takes a few tries to find the right fit. Honestly, I feel like it’s normal to have a few career resets in your 20s–whether it’s a chosen reset or an unexpected change of course. When I found myself abruptly without a job, I seriously reflected on my career path and happiness. Was I satisfied with what I was doing? Could I see myself being successful on this trajectory? Did it light me up to do said job every day? Upon reflecting, I determined I needed more. I was not satisfied simply working a job. I needed to find and follow my passion. With that said, if you find yourself at a career crossroads, take it as a sign from the universe to discover your true calling.

Health. When we wake up each morning, we expect to be our best self. We never intend to be unhealthy or sick, yet it happens. Around the same time I was restarting my career, I found myself with chronic fatigue, and I was so overly stressed that my hair was falling out. I did not aim to put myself there, but somewhere along the way, I lost track of adequately focusing on my health. Sparing the details, it was a true wake up call. It shook me to my core, and I knew I needed to do better: for my body and for my soul. Sometimes the reset will come in different forms–too tight jeans, a health scare, or wanting to feel alive again. Although some health conditions are beyond our control, there is no better time than now to create your own health reset and make your health a priority. For me, I dove right in, revamping my nutrition, increasing my physical activity, and taking care of my mind with yoga and meditation. However, everyone is different. Do what feels best for you and your body.

Relationships. When first beginning a relationship, you never imagine it ending. When a relationship is on the rocks, however, you can feel it coming to an end. Other times, you are completely blindsided by your partner. I have experienced both, and neither is easy. When you find yourself suddenly single, it’s a confusing mixture of emotions. It’s lonely yet liberating. It’s the beginning of a whole new chapter. Let this new chapter be about you and your self-discovery. Take all of that shared energy and put it back on you, focusing your full attention on your needs. We have all been down that road, obsessing about the lost relationship and what went wrong. Don’t waste your precious energy. The reset happened for a reason, and it must be accepted. Instead, let it go and take time for yourself to heal. When I found myself single again, I took the opportunity to travel and start writing. Taking the time for myself and doing the things that I loved helped me move on and regain my independence. Go on the trip you’ve been dying to go on! Spend all weekend reading trashy novels. Before you know it, there will be clarity and eventually acceptance.

How have you coped when life makes you start afresh? 

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