ModCloth Nail Klub: Dress-Inspired Mani

September 7, 2014
ModCloth Nail Klub: Dress-Inspired Mani

ModCloth Nail Klub: Dress-Inspired Nail Art

Although I love doing my own nails, I’m not much of a nail artist beyond your basic one-color paint job. Nonetheless, I was inspired to participate in Mod Cloth’s Nail Klub, in which participants select a Mod Cloth dress and create matching nail art! You can see their lovely dress collection here.

The first challenge, of course, was selecting a dress from their seemingly endless collection. While I was attracted to several styles, I went with this preppy “Hit the Sails” dress. As many of you know, I recently moved to Corpus Christi, TX. Whiling sailing per se doesn’t seem to be big here—after all the water in surrounding the bay is fairly shallow—I figured tyring a nautical-themed nail may increase my appreciation on my new town.

ModCloth Nail Klub: Dress-Inspired Mani

Hit the Sails, ModCloth Dress


You see, it’s not that I don’t like Corpus Christi. I do! I love the palm trees and the pink oleander, the constant breeze and all of the sunshine. But a (large) piece of my heart will always belong to Oregon where I lived the past few years, where I met my fiancé, and where I spent many summers with my father and late grandmother. Out of nowhere, a powerful pang of Oregon nostalgia will hit me, and I’ll find myself crawling into the past.

We peaceful dumplings know that this is not a peaceful practice. We strive to live in the present and appreciate all of the surrounding beauty. So these nails are my toast to this little Texan garden spot  with its gentle waters, windsurfing aficionados, and friendly folk.

ModCloth Nail Klub: Dress-Inspired Mani

ModCloth Nail Klub: Dress-Inspired Mani


The second challenge of creating nail art from a dress was, well, creating the art! I decided to keep things pretty simple. Otherwise, with my skills (or lack thereof!) I’m afraid my nails would look like I’d been busy finger painting. Plus, this way artsy my nails will better coordinate with multiple outfits!

ModCloth Nail Klub: Dress-Inspired Mani


Cruelty-free and vegan colors used: Zoya “Blu” and “Purity.”

Are you sporting any neat nail art? Show us in the comments below! 

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Photos: ModCloth, Mary Hood

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