These Clothing Brands Offer Lifetime Warranties For More Conscious Consumption

June 23, 2023

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Let’s face it: There’s something almost magical about walking into a fast fashion clothing store. The floor length mirrors seem to elongate your legs, the pure white walls make the mannequins pop in their colorful outfits, and the rainbow-colored stacks upon stacks of perfectly folded clothing feel nearly irresistible with their new and shiny feel.

Behind that fantasy, however, there’s a grimmer underbelly.

Fast fashion and the textile industry is now the second most polluting sector in the world, right after the oil industry. Each year, the average consumer discards over 31.75 kilograms (70 lbs) of clothing per year, 80 percent of which winds up incinerated or in landfills, taking more than 200 years to decompose.

Beyond the end of cycle environmental impact, fast fashion is known for its lower quality and synthetic materials that more easily break, wear, and tear after fewer uses. This planned obsolescence is a strategy that has consumers continuing to come back, buy more clothing, and repeat the cycle again and again.

How Slow Fashion Helps The Environment

That’s where slow fashion clothing companies can help. Contrary to the fast fashion movement, slow fashion values more durable fabrics and ethical work environments to make clothes that are built to last. The styles tend to be more timeless to avoid ever-changing trends, so the clothing can last a lifetime.

In fact, some companies are so confident in their durability that they attach lifetime warranties to their products in case anything rips or tears.

If you’re ready to invest in clothing guaranteed to last, read on to find clothing companies offering lifetime warranties below.

For Outdoor Gear: Patagonia

More than a trend, Patagonia is a company committed to making clothing that you can carry with you for a lifetime. Offering technical outdoor performance gear, coats, quarter zips, swimwear, and more, Patagonia promises durable clothing that can withstand any weather, environment, and/or outdoor activity. 

Patagonia offers an Ironclad Guarantee on all sales, committing to repairing, replacing, or refunding any clothing that does not live up to expectation. For natural wear and tear, Patagonia will repair most clothing for free, with more technical items like wetsuits and waders at a reasonable charge.

Read Patagonia’s Warranty Here:

For Backpacks & Travel: Osprey

Having a reliable hiking and travel backpack can be the difference between catching a cold from sleeping in wet clothes versus staying cozy and dry.

Beyond offering well-designed performance backpacks of all shapes and sizes, all Osprey bags also come with a promise. For any worn zipper, ripped fabric, or other damage or defect, Osprey will repair it free of charge – whether it was made in 1974 or today. Any functional repairs that cannot be fixed, Osprey will replace with a new bag free of charge. 

Check Out Osprey’s All Mighty Guarantee Here:

For Durable Hats: Tilley

Offering every style of hat from bucket and beanie to cap and sun, Tilley guarantees high-quality fabrics with a range of technical features from moisture-wicking to sun resistance using UPF50+ fabric. 

Some Tilley hats can be registered under the “Guaranteed for Life,” which protects against normal wear and tear, faulty material, or poor workmanship. If a hat shows any sign of the prior list, Tilley promises to repair or replace the hat free of charge.

Read More About the “Guaranteed for Life” Policy Here: 

For The Sturdiest Socks: Darn Tough

Darn Tough socks are the staple sock for avid hikers, and there’s a reason for that. Offering a variety of both merino wool and vegan socks, Darn Tough’s footwear is naturally lightweight, arch supported, cooling, and breathable. 

Under their “Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life,” Darn Tough’s socks are also made to last. Darn Tough commits to replacing, free of charge, any sock that gets a hole or shoes sign of wear. 

Read the guarantee here: 

Other One-Year Warranties

In addition to lifetime warranties, the following companies also offer one year or shorter term warranties:

  1. Duluth Trading Company: A garden and outdoor clothing company that specializes in extremely durable clothing.  Their “No Bull Guarantee” covers a one-year full refund policy for any product dissatisfaction. 
  2. L.L.Bean: Specializing in boots and outdoor clothing, L.L. Bean offers a one-year return policy with further opportunities to return due to defective materials or craftsmanship after that one-year timeframe.
  3. Eddie Bauer: An outdoor sports company, Eddie Bauer offers limited lifetime warranty on all products within one year of use due to defective material or craftsmanship. 


With built-to-last guarantees, consider shopping at these slow fashion stores to invest in long-lasting items to save your wallet and the environment over long-term use.

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