Take A Peek Inside Lily Aldridge's Purse—A Supermodel's Fall Beauty Staples

October 21, 2019

While we at Peaceful Dumpling often obsess over the beauty products on our vanities and in our makeup drawers, we equally love to discover the must-have, on-the-go beauty products our favorite celebs are toting around in their bags. (Yes, even the stars need little touch-ups throughout the day!)

Recently, Lily Aldridge of Victoria’s Secret fame spilled the contents of her bag (figuratively speaking, of course) to Rosie Huntington-Whitely (another VS alum). Her on-the-go essentials are as down-to-earth and they are girly and glam. From a thoughtful fragrance to a cult-favorite moisturize, her picks are sure to inspire your fall beauty bag. Let’s take a look!

The Beauty Products Lily Aldridge Always Keeps in Her Purse


First things first, fragrance! “I think fragrance in your purse is an essential” Aldridge is lucky enough to be in the process of developing her own line of perfumes—Lily Aldridge Parfums. In her bag now is Lily Aldridge Haven, the first perfume to be launched (the next launch is coming in November!). 

Take A Peek Inside Lily Aldridge's Purse--A Model's Fall Beauty Staples

Lily Aldridge Haven, a musky floral.

“There’s a nice musk to it that makes it linger on,” Aldridge says of Haven. “The floral hits you first, and then, throughout the day, the musky floral smell kind of stays with you. And I love that,” the model told Allure.

The fragrance is beautiful for another reason—purchase of the fragrance helps support charity: “Charity is so important to me,” Aldridge says,” which is why I’m pairing each fragrance with a different cause. With Haven, St. Jude Children’s Hospital was a natural fit. When you place your order, you’ll have the chance to make a contribution directly to them. And, unlike other hospitals, most of St. Jude’s funding comes from individual donations like yours. And – even better – no family at St. Jude’s ever pays for a single bill. Which means that every gift counts,” Aldridge explains.

Check out our favorite cozy, cruelty-free fall fragrances!

Lip Balm

Aldridge also swears by always keeping lip balm on hand—“I’m addicted to lip balm.”

Take A Peek Inside Lily Aldridge's Purse--A Model's Fall Beauty Staples

Her favorite is from Windsor Edwards. The lip balm is formulated with a variety of plant oils, including sweet almond oil, meadowfoam oil, and evening primrose oil, to deeply nourish even the most chapped of lips. “This is one of my favorites. It’s really great. There’s not really a fragrance to it. I can let my daughter wear it because I know it’s safe ingredients.” Keeping a lip balm nearby can come in handy for other reasons than just moisturizing your lips–dry cuticles? rogue eyebrow hairs? Reach for you balm! 


“Another classic for me that’s always in my purse is moisturizer,” Aldridge says. “I love Tata Harper. I love her line. It’s non-toxic. Because I’m nursing right now, I’m trying to make sure that all of the beauty products I’m using right now are natural…all that kind of stuff is really important to me.”

Take A Peek Inside Lily Aldridge's Purse--A Model's Fall Beauty Staples

Tata Harper Skincare Repairative Moisturizer

A hydrating, plumping, smoothing moisturizer, this formula combines hyaluronic acid plus extracts of elderberry, meadowsweet, and calendula for instant, natural radiance. Keeping a natural moisturizer handy is especially important as the weather cools and dry skin becomes harder to soothe and keep hydrated. 

Face Roller

Refa solar microcurrent face rollerReFa Carat Face Roller

“I’m holding on to my cheekbones…I’m so happy every day that they’re still there,” Aldridge jokes. Too relatable! She swears by ReFa Carat Face Roller to define, de-puff, and lift her contours. Note: this roller generates a microcurrent via solar power, and it’s fully waterproof—so you can safely use in bath or shower. Hmm, sounds like a crazy cool alternative to our PD office-favorite NuFace microcurrent device.

What fall beauty must-haves are you packing in your purse?

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Photo: Lily Aldridge via Instagram; Respective Brands

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