Through an Artist's Eye: Interview with Josie Rice

March 12, 2014

I found Josie Rice‘s artwork at a gallery called Venue in Seattle, WA.

Her bright, abstract artwork on the walls immediately appealed to me. The images were clearly inspired by nature, but had a boldly graphic, Pop Art aesthetic.

piece by Josie Rice

Creeping Dandelion

I’m not particularly artistic myself, but I love other people’s artwork. I decided to contact Josie through her Etsy page and commission her to do a large mural on my wall.

In getting to know Josie, I started to think a lot about my own personal relationship with nature. Josie is clearly inspired by nature, and talking to her about her artwork is really thought-provoking. Read on to see the world through an artist’s eye.

Wondering Wall by Josie Rice

Wondering Wall


How would you describe your artistic style?

I’d describe it as stylized, whimsical nature creations, with bold contour outlines of colorful plants and flowers. Some pieces are collage mixtures of different foliage, while others are whimsical scenes.

When did you start doing this kind of work?

My work has been transforming for a few years now. The biggest movement in my work was when I moved to Seattle 2 years ago. I didn’t know anyone, had lots if time on my hands and was influenced by the scenery here. It felt amazing to stay at my house, painting away with the mountain view through my window.

What inspires you?

When in need of inspiration, usually a hike will do the trick. Simply finding new plants, flowers, and views with usually spark something. I also fall in love with a color scheme. Sometimes, not making art for a while will let my ideas simmer and then boom: art push time!

Does making this kind of artwork make you feel closer to nature?

I am fascinated by nature, and the miracles that grow out if the ground…so much so, that I feel the need to paint and twist the forms the way I see fit. I may be expanding their imaginative qualities even more. I cannot fight the urge to imitate my favorite things I see on the Earth.

Which artists inspire you?

Reginald Baylor, John Brophy, Michael Birawer , Tara Donovan , Android Jones , Kelsey Brooks, Amanda Sage, Alex Grey.

Why is art important to you?

I believe every person has a creative outlet which makes them unique, it is their perspective that they must share. Mine is art; I feel alive and well when I paint. I try to listen to my urges and follow my bliss. If I had nothing, I would still have art, and I would be at peace with my ability and urge to draw.

Josie Rice

Josie Rice

It’s a great feeling to see the world through an artist’s mind.

Even if Josie doesn’t inspire you, I encourage all readers to go out and get inspired by local artists! It helps you see things in a different way, and a little extra beauty in this world is always a good thing!

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