Inspired Living: Staying True to Yourself

August 17, 2015
Inspired Living: Staying True to Yourself

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Do you ever wake up some days and feel off or not quite like yourself? You look around and realize this is not the environment or group of people you want to surround yourself with. The energy lines feel disconnected. Perhaps you feel like you’re in a personal or physical rut. You have high hopes and aspirations; yet, you have difficulties putting the goals into motion. Maybe you’re afraid to show your true colors, sacrificing your happiness for the sake of others.

From time to time, people tend to lose their identity or purpose. We get lost in our daily routines or expectations from others, losing focus or silencing our own needs. To regain focus, it’s important to bring awareness to your needs, your truth. Sometimes it takes getting lost in ourselves to find ourselves. I invite you to take a step back and evaluate if you are staying true to yourself. Take a moment and reconnect with your emotions, desires, and needs. Staying true to yourself is a practice and a journey of self-discovery. When you are staying true to yourself you are conscious of your beliefs and your self-worth. Life is too short not to let your soul shine!

Here are 5 steps to help guide you in staying true to yourself.

Inspired Living: Staying True to Yourself

1. Do what you love.

 It’s that simple. Wherever you are in the world, make sure you feed your passion. Find your outlet, no matter how kooky it is. If you enjoy a good juicy book, join a book club! If you love singing, find a karaoke room and belt out some Whitney Houston. If you love collecting rocks, embrace it! Even if your interests don’t align with those of your friends, carry on. By staying loyal to your passions and creativity, you stay true to yourself. Don’t let anyone hold you back from partaking in what you love.

2. Let it go.

Let go of people who do not serve you. There are some people out there who will suck the life out of you, stealing all of your energy. Whether it is a verbally abusive boss or a narcissistic friend, constantly being in the presence of a toxic person will drain you. Being wrapped in their drama and negative energy may cloud your judgment, altering your own beliefs. Furthermore, if someone tries to morally or ethically degrade you, let him or her go. You should never have to change who you are to appease someone.


3. Find your happiness.

Happiness can be achieved in all aspects of your life, from your career to relationships. You deserve nothing but the best. By following your heart, you are being true to yourself. You have the control to make all areas of your life epic. Having trouble identifying what areas of your life needs a happy boost? Think back to a time where you were truly happy: a day, an event, a year. Analyze the memory and determine what made you happy: the location, the people, or the activity. Allow these happy memories to help guide you in establishing a life that benefits your wellbeing. By creating a life by design, you are making your happiness a key priority.

4. Be direct.

By speaking openly and honestly you help honor your truth. Never let a day go by wishing you had said what was weighing on your heart. When you silence your voice, emotions fester. If something is bothering you, be direct. It’s important to speak up when necessary. If your boss is taking advantage of you, voice your concerns. If your cup of coffee is made wrong, be sure to get what you want. Additionally, if your heart is over flowing with love, share that too! Effective communication demonstrates self-confidence and loyalty to your views. Be fierce, be direct, and be heard.

5. Love yourself.

You are incredibly unique. Be proud of who you are: the flaws, the habits, the past and the future. Embrace your mind, body, and spirit. It’s what makes you YOU. By displaying self-love, you demonstrate authenticity. You accept who you are unapologetically, refusing to conform to other people’s standards. On self-love and acceptance, e. e cummings said it best “To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody but yourself-means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight-and never stop fighting. Staying real is one of the most courageous battles that we’ll ever fight.”stay_true_to_yourself

How do you practice staying true to yourself?

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