Peaceful Moon: On Friday, New Moon Joins Venus in Leo

August 13, 2015

Welcome to Peaceful Moon, a new bimonthly column on Peaceful Dumpling. Peaceful Moon discusses the influence of the new and full moons, and related astrological and astronomical events – as affecting our lives, yoga practice and wellness. Peaceful Moon is particularly relevant to women, who often are sensitive to moon phases or lunations.

Peaceful Moon is adapted from Moonday, building on the Sunday previews that have been shared on the PD newsletter since mid-summer. Peaceful Moon isn’t the usual forecasts divided into the 12 sun signs of the zodiac, but considers skygazing, folklore and popular culture as much as the astrological influences that center on the moon.

The moon affects us all, since just about everyone sees the moon a few times per month. Since the beginning of human experience, across cultures, there has been fascination with the moon. The moon has inspired storytelling, poetry, songs and artwork. We look up at the sky and wonder what beautiful moon phases, eclipses and seasonal changes mean.

Peaceful Moon discusses current astronomical events and is meant to help you find your inner lunar glow. There is a long association of the moon with women, such as Artemis/Diana, the lunar goddesses, and other representations of the moon as feminine (dark), the complement to the solar male (bright – yes, there are some gender problems with this stereotyping).

We hope you enjoy, share, comment and return for the next Peaceful Moon. The August full moon is known as the “sturgeon” or red moon, because of the distinctive color of the full moons that rise close to the autumn equinox and that linger longer on the eastern horizon. It will be the first of three full moons that close out a supermoon cycle that began early this year, and is the full moon that precedes the September lunar eclipse and blood moon.

Peaceful Moon: on Friday, New Moon Joins Venus in Leo

The new moon marks the start of a new lunar month. In August, that occurs on Friday the 14th. During the day or so of the new moon, we should determine what we want to accomplish during this next cycle, but maybe wait a beat or two before taking action. It’s the honey-moon phase, when things seem fresh and promising before being put to the test.

This isn’t “just” emotional or a matter of intention. Your body may cast off the old to start anew. Women’s health expert, gynecologist, best-selling author and yoga enthusiast, Dr. Christiane Northrup connects the new moon with a time that many women start their menstrual cycle. Before the pill and other ways that have adjusted the natural cycles, menstruation often occurred during the dark moon phase.

Dr. Northrup brings out that it’s a time for introspection, associating the “menses and self-reflection at the dark of the moon.”  The New Moon is a time for turning inward and for renewal.

This month, when the moon goes dark on Friday, it joins the sun as well as Venus. In fact, the sun and Venus will be tightly conjunct on Friday and Saturday. The union takes place in late Leo and is a supercharged, super-feminized, super-leonine influence, since the sun dominates the moon and Venus.

As it happens, the sun, moon and Venus will be trine, or form a triangle, with Uranus, the planet of change but also of flashes of intuition and inspiration. Furthermore, this occurs in fire signs. The combined aspects favor trusting your instincts and feeling the courage to begin a new project, relationship, personal change during the August new moon.

Go ahead and take the plunge with your new project if it still appeals to you after the weekend, when the new moon has become a waxing crescent. This influence is favorable for having the self-confidence and charm to win people over to your side and make a positive impression, so long as you don’t overdo it and your behavior isn’t perceived as arrogance.

Connecting this up with yoga, this weekend is a great time for a more meditative practice, opening yourself to inspiration – but take your mat outdoors if you can. There is all that Leo sun action happening and summer is on the way out. Practice at the beach, in a park, in a garden, on a mountaintop. If it must be indoors, then hopefully practice near bright open windows. If you’re feeling crampy, take it easy on the abdominal work. But clear your head, open your heart, stretch and breathe in the fresh air. Soak in the Vitamin-D enhancing sunshine and center yourself for the coming lunar month and fall season.


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Photo: Greg Diesel Walck, “The Story Told after Midnight” (2013)

A lifelong skygazer, the Sphinx learned astrology from her grandmother and private teachers. She later had a consultation practice and weekly astrological column in NYC, where she became deeply immersed in the work of C.G. Jung. She earned a doctorate in journalism, and has been a communications and gender/multiculturalism professor at some of the leading universities in the U.S., as well as a freelance writer and PR/marketing consultant. Her yoga studies began at Dharma Mittra’s first studio in NYC over 30 years ago. Bringing things full circle, after exposure to most of the leading styles, she is finishing up yoga teacher training with an emphasis on the Dharma approach at Spa Walden, located outside Cleveland, OH. Peaceful Moon is published bimonthly, at the new and full moons, on Peaceful Dumpling. Moonday is published on Monday mornings on Facebook and Twitter.


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