How to Practice Manifestation to Create the Life You Desire

February 11, 2015

Manifestation: Can You Create the Life You Desire?

“Everything you can imagine is real.”  –Pablo Picasso

What if you could get what you wanted just by thinking about it?

According to a certain New Age philosophy, you can… Well, kind of.

The method is manifestation– a practice that utilizes visualization and cognitive awareness as a means of bringing your grandest wishes to life.

The process is quite simple, in theory. It all begins by thinking about the kind of life you would like to create for yourself, which we all tend to do subconsciously anyway. Who hasn’t conceptualized their ideal partner/future home/career goals in vivid detail?

So does that mean all you need to do is ignite your imaginative fire and you will be golden? Not so fast. As far as I know, you cannot lounge around all day envisioning your dream job just to have it fall in your lap. One must put forth effort if they would like to witness serious changes in their life.

Nonetheless, there is power in positive thinking. If you utilize this to your advantage, you may begin to see the results you want. Here, that means keeping your aspirations in the forefront of your mind as you begin to inch towards them.

A helpful way to do so is by writing them down (again and again and again). You can also meditate on your objectives, speaks with others about them, and- most importantly- convince yourself that you are capable of reaching them. Confidence in your ability to achieve what you want is vital to getting there.

If you are skeptical, please bear with me. I know this sounds almost too good to be true, but the vast amount of success stories out there prove otherwise. In fact, I have my own story to share.

I have been journaling somewhat consistently for years. My logs range from stream-of-consciousness doodles and thoughts to formulaic diary entries, but what they all have in common is that they contain future goals.

Recently, I found some old journals and decided to flip through them. I was shocked to see that almost every considerable intention represented in the portions I read had been realized in my life. Everything from my relationships to my spiritual health to my educational endeavors had ended up how I wanted them to.

For instance, some entries had been written at a time when I didn’t have much connection with my peers. My friendships are now much more established and have greater depth. A more abstract intention was to overcome the most challenging aspect of my eating disorder: not feeling at ease in my own skin. There is still traction to be made, but the mental state that I am in now is something I had only dreamed of a few years past.

Even physical symptoms- acne, poor digestion- had improved over the duration I had been reflecting on them. Everything didn’t come together exactly as I had hoped, mind you, but it was close enough that I would consider the goals fulfilled.

I experienced the benefits of manifestation before I was even cognizant of the concept. Just think of the potential that lays dormant here- especially if you are to maintain a consistent and conscious awareness of your wishes.

As they say in the Huna tradition, “energy flows where attention goes.”

Metaphysics aside, there is no doubt in my mind that the accumulation of thoughts over time can change our behavior. Perhaps this simple step is key to cultivating the life you desire.

Would you try manifestation? Have you had success with it already? Please share!

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