How to Overcome Anxiety about Money

March 18, 2015

How to Overcome Anxiety About Money


Spell out your assumptions about money, and figure out how to calm your stress and anxiety about money.

Thinking about money brings up a lot of strong emotions for most of us. About two weeks ago, my beau and I discussed whether money limits creativity.

He was inclined to believe it does and therefore stated a preference for separating the two. I contended that it doesn’t have to, and that a desire to separate them hints at possible resistance to money, which in turn would limit creative expression.

Instead of creating purely from a place of inspiration and desire, a bit of awareness would rest with resisting a specific outcome.  Ironically, and importantly, by reacting to that fear, it would now carry the power to negatively influence creativity.

Self-fulfilling prophecy.

As someone who grew up in poverty, I get it. I get the resistance to money. I get the fear of money. I get the suspicion of money. “More money, more problems.” “He grew up in a moneyed but cold and uptight family.” “It is better to be poor and in love, than to be rich and not have any love.” “She obviously married for money.” These assumptions all make money out to be a bad motivator, or somehow related to lacking true emotions or warmth.

I also, however, understand its potential for good.  I’ve met a few Bill-Gates-To-Be’s that have demonstrated how influential one can become in affecting positive change when one is not struggling to survive or to make ends meet. What an experience (what a life!).

After all my intentional reflecting, stretching, challenging (repeat!), this is how I now see money: as a tool, with as much power and intention as the person who wields it.  Just as a hammer can be used to either build a home or to smash it down, so, too, does this range exist for money.

Money is not inherently good or evil. Its history and usage throughout time have granted it ethical connotation, but it can be stripped away.

It’s paper. It’s metal. It’s an idea.

This idea, however, in the hands of the self-aware, can help create lasting solutions – for individual and global challenges abound (both of which are valid, by my book).

So, instead of running from the damage money could do, run TO what your heart calls for and let money be a hammer and build a great, big home for you, and for the world. Here’s a creativity exercise to find your peace with money.

1. Fill in this sentence. “Thinking about money makes me feel ________.”

2. What assumptions do you carry about money?

3. Which of those assumptions have been beneficial to you?

4. Which have run their course?

5. What could change in your life if you challenged them? How would that change the way you feel about money (answer to #1)? How would it affect your financial well-being?

Unleash your creativity. 🙂

Money's influence on creativity

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