How to Curate an Ethical Wardrobe: Underwear

July 6, 2016

Clothes wear out–and when they do, the next question is usually, “What should I buy next?”

With the 3-year anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster earlier this year, many people are ready to ditch fast fashion for a more ethical approach to shopping.

Scouring thrift stores, throwing a clothing swap, or even dumpster-diving (for the more adventurous among us) are all great options for curating an ethical wardrobe.

But when your underwear is worn out, you’ve done your due diligence, and still can’t find what you’re looking for–worry not!

I’ve scoured the internet for you to find stylish, vegan options that also consider how workers and the environment are treated.

This cruelty-free, ethical wardrobe series will include:

Underwear (bras, underwear, pajamas)

Basics (tank tops, t-shirts, and jeans)

Workwear (business casual to business formal)



Winter Apparel

The first installment kicks off with underwear, the most basic foundation for all wardrobes.

1. Brook There

How to Curate an Ethical Wardrobe: Underwear

Brook There Striped Organic Lingerie Set

Made of 80% organic cotton, this Brook There set is a cute addition to your wardrobe and supports US manufacturing by being milled in California and cut and sewn in Massachusetts.  Both the bra or underwear can also be bought as separates.

2. Pansy

How to Curate an Ethical Wardrobe: Underwear

Pansy Organic Bra

A completely USA-made brand, Pansy almost seems like a fashion unicorn: 100% organic cotton grown in North Carolina, fiber-reactive dyes, elastic made in North Carolina, and designed and sewn locally in California.  With 10 color options as well as different styles of underwear and clothing, people would be hard-pressed to find a more appealing option when checking off ethical and environmental priorities.

3. Blue Canoe

How to Curate an Ethical Wardrobe: Underwear

Blue Canoe Organic Cotton Bikini

If you’re looking for 100% organic cotton with low-impact dyes, then this bikini by Blue Canoe is for you.  With GOTS-certified cotton, you can feel good about what you wear–including how it was made.

4. Lula Lu Petites

How to Curate an Ethical Wardrobe: Underwear

Lula Lu Petites Delilah Organic Cotton Bra

For ladies with a more petite bust, Lula Lu has you covered.  This 91% organic cotton bra ranges from size 30-38 for the band-width and AAA to A cups with removable foam inserts.

5. Zkano

How to Curate an Ethical Wardrobe: Underwear

Zkano Lila Crew Socks

When you want a pop of color to complement the rest of your clothes (or to just smile when you look down), check out Zkano.  A family business, this company is all about making fun organic socks that bring apparel jobs back to the former Sock Capital of the World (Fort Payne, Alabama). Not only are their socks organic and made with low-impact dyes, Zkano also has a recycling program for when your socks give up the ghost.

6. Only Hearts

How to Curate an Ethical Wardrobe: Underwear

Only Hearts Starlight PJ Set

You know those days when the only thing you want to do is curl up with a good book and a cup of tea?  These 100% organic Supima cotton pajamas by Only Hearts are a soft way to spend the day relaxing, whether it be reading or binge-watching your favorite show in bed.

Stay tuned for the next installment where I’ll cover ethical basics 🙂


Do you have a favorite brand of ethical underwear? Pajamas? Socks?

Please share in the commments!

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