Here's The Perfect Ethical Valentine's Day Gift, If You Loved Downton Abbey And Outlander

February 3, 2021

Finding the perfect gift for that special someone comes with its challenges. Finding an ethical and eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift can be even more difficult. Don’t worry any longer, Highland Titles has got you covered.

What is Highlands Titles?

In 2006, Peter Bevis, a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London and his daughter created Highland Titles. They began selling plots from their family’s land to fund additional tree planting with the purpose of restoring the land that had been devastated by farming and commercial forestry. Because of this success, Highland Titles now own and operate two nature reserves in the Scottish Highlands. Their mission is to fund the creation of multiple nature reserves throughout Scotland by selling souvenir plots of land.

How does it work?

Interested individuals will buy a plot of land. In exchange the purchasers will receive a gift pack to document their plot and title. Any landowner can chose to have one of the following titles: Lord, Lady, or Laird. Yes, you can legally change your name to Lord, Lady, or Laird by purchasing a plot! When you receive the title you will get the opportunity to engage with other Lords, Lairds, and Ladies and learn more about what is happening at the Highland Titles nature reserve. The money you spent goes directly back to the nature reserve to help make the Scottish highlands a better place for animals to live in and for plants to grow.


If you decide to travel to the Scottish highlands (once travel restrictions are lifted), you can visit your plot of land. There are also various gatherings and events held for Lords, Ladies and Lairds each year. The Highland Titles Nature Reserves (located on your land) are inhabited by many plants and animals including otters and honeybees, among many others. By purchasing a plot of land, you can help rehabilitate the land and preserve wild animals of the highlands’ natural habitat. Highland Titles post wildlife updates often. Over Facebook Highland Titles posts wildlife ‘spy-cams’, photos, and videos to keep you updated on the the well-being of the Highland Title Nature Reserve wildlife.

How can you help?

You can buy a plot of land.

Instead having your documents and plot details sent to your home, you can get ECO downloadable documentation for single plots and couples plots (so you and that ‘special someone’ can have plots of land side by side). All plots include a piece of land (couples get adjoining plots), you (and your significant other, if you buy the couples plot) gain the title of Lord, Lady, or Laird, and you get a downloadable certificate.

You can adopt an animal in need.

You can adopt a Scottish wildcat, hedgehog, red squirrel, or bat to help Highland Titles Nature Reserve continue with projects to help these animals. When you adopt an animal you will receive an official personalized adoption certificate, regular email updates, and great fun thanks from their wildcats, hedgehogs, red squirrels, and bats.

You can sponsor a habitat box.

Habitat boxes provide habitats to local birds, bats, bees, bugs, hedgehogs, and squirrels year round, regardless of the weather. When you sponsor a habitat box, you’ll receive a certificate with: the name or dedication of your choice, a photograph of your habitat box and its identification number, and the coordinates of your habitat box.

You can dedicate a tree to the Caledonian Forest.

100% of the profit from this product goes to tree planting and you will receive: a personalised certificate, a map of the area and details of how to visit your tree.

For 10% off of your Valentine’s Day purchases, enter VALENTINE into the discount box at check out. For more information, visit the Highland Titles website.

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Photo: Highland Titles via Facebook

Angela Werner
Angela Werner is a proud ferret mom, passionate vegan, nature explorer, and animal rights activist. She grew up in Colorado and has been living in Finland since August 2018. She is a college student, graduating with a Bachelor of Business in June 2021. You can learn more about her via LinkedIn.


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