Healthy Snacks: Energizing Red Juice

June 30, 2014
Healthy Snack: Energizing Red Juice

Energizing Red Juice – sweet, tart, and vegan.

Knowing his lady to be a true beet-addict, my fiancé presented me with a page torn out of his Men’s Health magazine: “Red is the New Green,” the title read.  Sure enough, beets are enjoying the juice craze spotlight at the moment (yes, beets can experience joy!).

I first fell in love with beets for their goddess-y magenta hue, but as you can imagine, beets are more than a pretty color. High in nitrates, beets increase nitric oxide when consumed, which improves blood flow.  Improved blood flow means more efficient oxygen use, helping us beet fatigue (I couldn’t resist!).

This is great news for athletes looking to increase speed and recovery time. I also like to think that this beet-filled juice is good for those of us who, athletic abilities aside, are taking on a daunting task–getting through a stressful day at work, navigating a bustling farmer’s market in 90 degree weather, or, in my case, moving across country and planning a wedding.

As I’ve previously discussed, after completing his Ph.D,  my fiancé had been hunting for full-time employment for about three years.  Although we were getting by and doing a pretty good job of enjoying the present moment, so much seemed to hinge on him finding a stable professorship.

After sending out 60 applications this school year, we finally heard good news from one school. By the end of this summer, we will have moved our tired bodies, goofy cat, and boxes (and boxes) of books to Corpus Christi, TX.  And somewhere between finding a spot for my spiralizer in the new kitchen and recreating my beloved blogging nook, I’ll start planning our wedding.

So, bring on that beet juice!

Healthy Snack: Energizing Red Juice

I giggled when I noticed that my 500 page (!) wedding planning book came with a sheet of post-its. There are only 8 of the “Talk to Mom” stickers, however. I would like a full page of these, please, thank you.

Energizing Red Juice


1 beet, peeled and roughly chopped

3 carrots, peeled and roughly chopped

4 cups/large handfuls spinach or mixed greens

1 handful strawberries

1″ chuck of ginger, peeled

1 lemon, ring removed

Stevia to taste


Insert produce in small batches at a time. Drink within 20 minutes of juicing to take advantage of live enzymes.

Healthy Snack: Energizing Red Juice

Beet juice, wedding magazines, and a Nabokov novel. It could get worse 😉

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Photos: Mary Hood

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