5 Health and Beauty Benefits of Bentonite Clay

December 15, 2015


When I was overweight and suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome I worked as a Psychotherapist at a Youth Center.  I met a woman named Sandra who was a health freak.  I used to call her that because I did not understand her lifestyle. I used to think she was too thin, too perky–her life seemed ideal. She used to fast often and drink Bentonite Clay, which I thought was dirt water. She finally convinced me to try it and to even to do a three-day detox. I saw very minimal results because I was still very addicted to sugar and yeast.

As I began cleaning up my diet I began studying Bentonite Clay and would chuckle to myself about how crazy I thought Sandra was. Lo and behold, now I am that crazy health freak! Bentonite Clay is a huge part of my detoxification lifestyle. I regularly drink Yerba Prima Liquid Bentonite Clay, and use it topically, as well. Here are reasons bentonite clay should be a part of your self-care routine.

1. Bentonite clay, a volcanic ash, can be used internally and externally to absorb toxins and remove them from the body. It has a very strong negative electromagnetic charge and when activated with water, it acts like a  magnet pulling metals and toxins in about out of the body.

2. Bentonite Clay is a base of one of my natural skin care products, and it’s especially effective for deep cleansing. When giving a client a facial, I always use my Magnetic Bentonite Clay Detox Face Mask because it is so amazing. You can feel the electromagnetic charge on your face as it dries. The skin is left firmer, brighter, smoother and pores are invisible!

3. Bentonite Clay is a gentle and all-natural laxative. Since it’s not a stimulant, it won’t cause the same adverse reaction as an over-the-counter laxative. It is very gentle and when used correctly it will remove waste from small and large intestines. The large intestines are where most people are unable to remove the waste that can cause a variety of health problems and disease.

4. Bentonite Clay is also effective in removing candidia/yeast. I used to suffer with horrible recurring yeast infections and learned that the  S.A.D diet I had, along with the laundry detergent I was using, were the culprits.  It seemed it did not matter what medication I was given; the yeast infection kept coming back. When I learned to eat clean and removed dairy and animal products from my diet I noticed that the yeast infections were reduced.  However, when I starting taking liquid Bentonite Clay it stopped the yeast infections completely. I have not had a yeast infection in over 7 years. And I am HAPPY about that!

5. Bentonite Clay also removes heavy metals from the body. Many people suffer with heavy metal toxicity, without even knowing it. I was surprised to know that I was diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity this year. I was having trouble losing weight and could not figure out why. There are a variety of signs and symptoms including obesity, difficulty losing weight, memory loss, fatigue, muscle aches, fever and weakness. Most Western Medicine doctors do not test for this unless prompted to do so or if a person is extremely ill. I was diagnosed by a Naturopathic MD and she prescribed for me chelation along with detoxing with Bentonite Clay. I chose Bentonite Clay as I was familiar with it. I will tell you this process has been difficult because I have to drink much more of it than usual. However I am still sticking to the protocol and supplementing with liquid Chlorophyll and Cilantro.

Have you ever used Bentonite Clay? What was your experience with it? 

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