15 Amazing Benefits of Chlorophyll Water

October 19, 2015


Most people can conceptualize the benefits of dark green leafy vegetables; but most people really do not know why they are a superfood that we all should consume daily. In addition to their fiber, and their ability to protect the bones, joints, muscles, heart, brain, liver and kidneys, they are highly alkaline. Alkaline bodies are more resistant to infection, disease and cancer.

Dark green leafy vegetables are such a powerhouse because they contain chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a green pigment, present in all green plants and in cyanobacteria. It is responsible for the absorption of light to provide energy for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis allows plants to absorb energy from light. Chlorophyll to plants is like blood to humans. It is important in many plant metabolic functions such as growth and respiration.
Interestingly, chlorophyll is chemically similar in composition to that of human blood, except that the central atom in chlorophyll is magnesium, while iron is central in human blood. This, and the fact that chlorophyll is central in plant metabolism, had prompted scientists to find out if chlorophyll can offer similar benefits to humans.

I would love to state I always eat dark green leafy vegetables every day, but that would not be true. I have found a way to make sure I get the benefits of chlorophyll by adding it to my water. By adding three to four full droplets of concentrated chlorophyll to my spring water, I make sure my body is getting all of the amazing benefits it needs to keep me healthy. I will also add fresh lemon juice to the water to give it more flavor and to make my water more alkaline. I love the energy I get all day from drinking this water.

15 Amazing Benefits of Chlorophyll Water

I am not recommending you skip your three to four servings of dark leafy green vegetables a day, but this is an occasional alternative as well as a suggestion to help you alkalize your body throughout the day.

The literature on the benefits of Chlorophyll is numerous. Below is short a compilation from various respected website on holistic healing about the benefits of Chlorophyll.  These websites include The Global Healing Center, Rethinking Cancer, The Alkaline Diet, and Krames Staywell.

1. Chlorophyll cleanses and oxygenates the blood. It helps the blood carry oxygen to all cells and tissues.

2. Having more oxygen available in the blood translates to better endurance and an overall reduction in fatigue.

3. Chlorophyll is important in offsetting stress and alkalizing the body.

4. Chlorophyll blocks absorption of toxic carcinogens. It helps neutralize free radicals that do damage to healthy cells. It is helpful in protecting the body against toxins and in reducing drug side effects.

5. Chlorophyll has been seen to help in the growth and repair of tissues.

6. Chlorophyll controls body odor. It reduces bad breath, urine, fecal, and body odor.

7. Chlorophyll helps to treat infected wounds naturally.

8. Chlorophyll has promotes cleansing and helps with metal detoxification. Environmental pollutants such as toxic metals can quickly destroy health. Chlorophyll binds with toxic metals to hamper absorption, and research has shown it can do the same with some carcinogens.

9. Chlorophyll cleanses the liver and digestive tract, boosts blood with iron, vitamin C and folic acid.

10. Chlorophyll supports the respiratory system and our moods.

11. Chlorophyll is recommended for anemia, atherosclerosis, diabetes, high cholesterol, and rheumatoid arthritis.

12. Chlorophyll is a natural detoxifier.

13. Chlorophyll is used to treat herpes and candidia albicans; and help with hepatitis.

14. Chlorophyll helps control hunger and cravings.

15. Chlorophyll promotes healthy iron levels.


Have you tried chlorophyll water? 

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