The Secret To Looking Effortlessly Glowing At Zoom Happy Hour (Or Anytime)

April 27, 2020

Spending a copious amount of time at home has presented us with a special challenge in the beauty department—finding the “effort” sweet spot. For most of us, regularly getting all dolled up just to go sit in the living room doesn’t mesh with our idea of at-home comfort. It feels like too much effort. At the same time, however, it can be nice to do a little something to feel spiffy and glowing. (And feeling spiffy and glowing is a worthy goal!)

So somewhere between too much effort and no effort is some effort—and if we’re lucky, our minimal effort translates as effortless. When it comes to “glow,” effortless may be a mythical concept, but we have a simple, foolproof strategy that will help you get as close to effortless as possible and you’ll be sporting an enviable glow at your next Zoom happy hour (or in whatever corner of the house life takes you). Thank us later 😉

How to Look Glowing at Home in 2 Minutes Max

One of my favorite discoveries during self-isolation has been a type of hybrid makeup-skincare product that’s a little bit of a lot of things: highlighter, hydrating serum, oil-infused moisturizer, skin brightener, primer, and finishing product. These magical liquids pack a subtle shimmer that’s far less concentrated than a traditional highlighter and can be worn alone, under makeup, or over makeup. (For our purposes, wearing them alone over moisturizer is the easiest route to glow town.)

Many iterations of this type of product also include skincare ingredients like vegan squalene and hyaluronic acid to help skin look plump and hydrated. Add to that light-reflecting minerals and skin-brightening botanical extracts—and wow! Wearing one is like “looking freshly serum’d—but all day,” a friend explained.

Here are a few vegan and cruelty-free options to try! 

The Secret To Looking Effortlessly Glowing At Zoom Happy Hour (Or Anytime)

Glossier Futuredew

This innovative serum offers a long-wearing, dewy glow. With ingredients like hyaluronic acid, jojoba, grape seed, evening primrose, and rosehip oils, this stuff is hydrating and moisturizing. Meanwhile, evodia rutaecarpa extract helps brighten skin over time with regular usage. To polish things off, light-reflecting minerals give this product its undeniable luminescence. It can be worn alone or as a final step in your makeup routine.

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow

The Secret To Looking Effortlessly Glowing At Zoom Happy Hour (Or Anytime)

This gorgeous, soft-focus primer can be worn with or without makeup. The formula boasts bionymph peptide (what a name!) for smooth and plump skin, wild pansy extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and hyaluronic acid, rosehip and camellia oils to hydrate and moisturize skin.

Tata Harper Illuminating Moisturizer

The Secret To Looking Effortlessly Glowing At Zoom Happy Hour (Or Anytime)

Leave it to Tata Harper to create a seriously luxe, natural version of this product, packed with farm-to-face ingredients. Aloe, shea butter, rose flower water, olive oil, hyaluronic acid, and borage leaf extract all make an appearance in this skin-enhancing serum/moisturizer. The glowy part, though? That comes from diamond powder.

Budget-Friendly & Sustainable Option

Alas, diamond dust isn’t for everyone! Here’s an easy way to make your own glowy moisturizer 🙂

Already have a liquid highlighter? Mix a small drop with your regular moisturizer! Here’s how: put your usual amount of moisturizer in your palm. On the far side of your palm, apply a dot of liquid highlighter. Mix a bit of the highlighter into the moisturize. Keep adding and mixing until you reach a level of shimmer that looks good. Test it on your face, starting around the cheekbone area.


And now you’re all set to look like you just had a facial–in under two minutes!

Have you tried hybrid serum-highlighters? What are your thoughts? 

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