WFH Makeup That Makes Me Feel Pretty—And Less Like A Couch Gnome

March 30, 2020

I realize that wearing makeup to go to your living room and do work (a.k.a. wfh makeup) doesn’t add up for many people, but if you enjoy applying and wearing makeup in any capacity, you may find that wearing a bit around the house “for no reason” can actually invite a little joy into your life. That’s certainly been the case for me!

Why I Love WFH Makeup

During my university’s spring break, I stayed at home (preemptively self-isolating?) and focused on grading papers sans makeup. It was nice to give my skin a break. Then, things with work changed rapidly. By the end of the week, my colleagues and I were scrambling to convert our courses to a fully online format. My husband and I started to accept the fact that we wouldn’t be going to our campus for the foreseeable future.

Now, two weeks of non-spring-break working from home have passed, and I’m grateful for the little things that have helped me keep my spirits going while also providing a sense of normalcy. In addition to drinking lovingly prepared warm beverages, watering my plants (are they tired of me yet?), and managing to read some good literature, wearing makeup from time to time has given me an outlet for fun and creativity. (Much needed.)

WFH Makeup That Makes Me Feel Pretty--And Less Like A Couch Gnome

The key to WFH makeup is similar to that of WFH clothes. Comfy and casual–but elevated. For me, this means my WFH makeup is quite different from standing-in-from-of-the-class makeup. These days, I don’t wear foundation, and I rarely bother with concealer. On the flip side, however, I take greater risks–excessive highlighter (gotta fight the gloom one shimmery particle at a time!) and bright lips (and shiny lips!).

In sum, I make it fun.

In addition to giving me a space to be a little creative, WFH makeup helps me feel a little bit put together. Less couch gnome. More sequestered cottage fairy.

Here’s the kind of stuff I’ve been using! (I’ve included links and product suggestions, but chances are, you have a version of all of these things in your makeup kit, so you can customize as needed.)

WFH Makeup that Will Make You Feel Like a Glowing Maiden in Her Tower (who Also Answers Email)


A WFH base can be super minimal. A little tinted moisturizer/sunscreen is perfect. I like to add a little shimmer in mine to help me stay dewy while I fumble with WebEx. Whatever makes you feel fresh is best!

WFH Makeup That Makes Me Feel Pretty--And Less Like A Couch Gnome

Farmacy Green Defense Daily Sunscreen


For supple cheeks that will have you looking radiant for your next in-your-makeshift-office-selfie, opt for a cream or liquid blush. Bronze if desired.

WFH Makeup That Makes Me Feel Pretty--And Less Like A Couch Gnome

Glossier Cloud Paint Cream Blush

Eyes & Brows 

A quick swipe with a brow gel will help your face appear more defined. Crucial for honing your boss-at-home look.

If you feel like eyeshadow, have fun with it! I’ve been playing with shimmery purples and chalky pinks. It’s amazing how a wash of a single color can enhance your face! Apply mascara if using.

WFH Makeup That Makes Me Feel Pretty--And Less Like A Couch Gnome

Viseart Paris Edit Eyeshadow Palette

WFH Makeup That Makes Me Feel Pretty--And Less Like A Couch Gnome

Vegamour Brow Gel


Experiment with colors that you may be a little nervous about. Alternatively, reach for the color that never fails to make you feel like you can conquer the world. Because I like my WFH makeup to be comfortable, I tend to reach for sheer washes, creamy satins, and lip glosses. Funny how my mattes are gathering dust…

Missed Out On Lisa Eldridge Summer Pink Lipsticks? 4 Dupes To The Rescue

Lisa Eldridge Love of My Life Luxuriously Lucent Lip Color

WFH Makeup That Makes Me Feel Pretty--And Less Like A Couch Gnome

Fenty Glossbomb Universal Lip Luminizer

Be Extra

If you want to feel magical, swipe. on. the. highlighter. I’ve been layering cream and powder highlighter–something I didn’t do to leave the house because it can be Too Much (on me)–but at home, I’m happy to be Extra! Even though I keep my routine pretty short and uncomplicated, it’s not the same thing as “no makeup makeup.” It’s whatever-makeup-makes-me-feel-happy makeup!

Best Highlighter Products From Cruelty-Free Brands—For Cheeks & More #ThatGlowTho

Lily Lolo Star Dust Shimmer

WFH Makeup That Makes Me Feel Pretty--And Less Like A Couch Gnome

Ilia Liquid Light Serum Highlighter

P.S. Now is also a good time to indulge in those NSFW perfumes you’ve been saving for who knows when. Go ahead and smell like a hidden enchantress while you get your Slack on!

WFH Makeup That Makes Me Feel Pretty--And Less Like A Couch Gnome

What do you think? Have you tried WFH makeup? 

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