Prioritizing Body After Baby *Is* Possible! How To Feel Amazing & Be A Fit Mom

August 15, 2018

Being a mother implies being able to multitask and make all your children’s wishes come true. Sometimes you find yourself keeping their priorities in front of your own and thus you get too busy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and you completely neglect your fitness routines. Many would say that we are making excuses due to the hectic daily lives with children, but often logistics are the main issue; fortunately, there are many things that you can do to alter your habits and get fit in no time.

1. Start by organizing yourself.

Not everybody is able to delegate their duties and responsibilities, especially not a mother of three. Even though many things do fall on your back, there are some ways to get the things done and still remain fit and prepared. Start off by making a list of chores that you have to, get up early and go for a quick early jog or do relaxing yoga before the kids get up. Next, try to put on your list what groceries you plan to buy in order to exclude getting some of the unhealthy snacks. What is more, organize your time and pick two or three days in a week to prepare massive meals. By doing this, you will save enough time to go for a midday fitness class or aerobics with other busy moms.

2. Combine a variety of exercise.

Many people are fooled by thinking that you only need to exercise heavily in a gym five times a week to get slim and fit. That is certainly not true! There are many active exercises you can implement in your daily routine even with your kids. Consider taking your kids to the park to play. While you watch your kids you can kick-start your own routine by doing 15 minutes of lunges or bench push-ups. Instead of driving your kids to school every day, hit the bikes and cycle to school at least 3 days a week. Also, going on a mild evening strolls, hiking, skating and swimming can all be implemented as your weekly exercises without having to spend hours solely at the local gym.

3. Focus on the proper nutrition

An unwritten rule states that “without proper diet and intake of nutritional foods you cannot get fit” and it is true up to a point. Ideally, we’d have at least five portions of a meal (i.e. five small meals a day), never skip breakfast, and add some supplements to further avoid tiredness. Taking protein pre workout 30 minutes before your exercise will give your body more energy and that much-needed push when we think that we won’t have the stamina to complete it. So, to accompany the above-stated rule, you should combine a quality whole foods protein supplement with eating more meals to crank up your metabolism, and avoid poor food choices. That being said, you should also start eating healthy snacks such as nuts, fruits, and protein bars.
Fudgy Adaptogen Protein Bars (With Lactation Bar Variation)
Fudgy Adaptogen Protein Bars (with Lactation Bar Option)

4. Do the daily chores as an exercises

Being a devoted mother means that you have to cook, prepare the kids for school, and clean the entire house preferably once a week. Well, it is easier said than done. After completing all those chores, you are either too tired or just too unmotivated to do some exercise or go to the gym. There is no need to get stressed about it since you can blend those chores as an exercise. For instance, play hide and seek or throw ball with kids, vacuum faster than usual, or while you are cleaning windows do some squats and you will without a doubt burn calories while being in the house. If you are up for more, you can always walk the dog around the neighborhood in a more active pace, or while you are doing the dishes, squeeze and release your abs, your butt, and your tights.

5. Small changes make a big difference

If you focus on making yourself happy, healthy and fit, you will undoubtedly make your kids and family happy as well. Change some bad routines and implement some small changes into your busy mom schedule. First off, all, sleep more! Not only is sleep number one component of losing weight, but it also keeps your hormones balanced thus making your more content and healthy. Secondly, drink more water. By drinking a minimum of two liters of water per day you will feel refueled, rejuvenated and ready for new challenges. Last but not least, avoid being your kids’ compost, and don’t eat the leftovers (save, dispose, or compost them as appropriate). Eating your kid’s food can add up to an additional 500 calories a day.

A long and tough workout isn’t the first order of business when you’re a mother–prioritize quality supplements, eat proper food and get regular sleep. Finding time for yourself will certainly make you feel refreshed and vigorous, so take steps (baby steps if necessary) to make time for your physical and mental wellbeing today!
How To Feel Amazing & Be A Fit Mom—Even When You’re Super Busy

Are you a mother? What are your tips for staying healthy?

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