PSA: Elle Macpherson Is Vegan, Plus Her Secrets For Staying Fit & Fabulous At 53

January 31, 2018

Lately, it’s been all too easy for me to feel like life is largely a series of events and environments that you must weather, and the more you weather, the more you feel weathered yourself–despite all attempts to take your vitamins, etc. along the way. (Ugh, I know! So cynical of me!)

When I’m more grounded, however, I appreciate that the challenges I face—whether that’s adapting to new motherhood or struggling with the demands of modern living—are opportunities for growth, and I can actually thrive in the chaos. And that feels good.

But as it turns out, taking care of yourself and adopting a positive approach is more than simply feeling good in a given moment (although that’s no small thing); it’s actually nurturing to your body. Cultivating a lifestyle that embraces positivity, self-care, and a belief in the idea that what we do for ourselves does make a difference pays off on so many levels. Case and point: Model-turned-wellness-maven Elle Macpherson.


The Aussie glamazon puts wellness and happiness first, illustrating that a life well-lived is about doing what’s best for your body and spirit—plus lots of green goodness, of course. To that end, she co-founded WelleCo, an organic plant-based supplements brand formulated with the guidance of Simone Laubscher, PhD, doctor of nutrition. Read on to see why Elle Macpherson is the total wellness package!

Elle Macpherson is vegan. “For me, it is about living every day as clean, green, and active as I can and listening to what my body needs to operate at its optimum level,” she told goop. “I’m vegan at the moment and follow an alkaline diet of organic, seasonal whole foods. Because different greens provide different benefits, I eat a wide variety. I drink plenty of water and take my daily dose of super greens.”

She stays active but doesn’t overdo it—and always has fun. “When I was younger, I followed a strict routine of high-intensity training, but now, I listen to my body—and mix it up. When I wake up, I think about what my body really needs, whether it’s a swim in the ocean, beach walk, yoga with friends, a bike ride or a boxing class. Mixing it up is fun and helps me stay motivated” (Ditto for Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt.)

PSA: Elle Macpherson Is Vegan, Plus Her Secrets For Staying Fit & Fabulous At 53

Her pre-bed routine is on point. “A good night’s sleep—seven hours a night—is a must. I have a bedtime routine that I try and stick to: a hot shower or bath before bed, a yoga posture meant to help relax the body, and a cup of WelleCo Sleep Welle Calming Tea. It contains hops, valerian, and skullcap to ease stress.”

We love beautifying tea, too!

PSA: Elle Macpherson Is Vegan, Plus Her Secrets For Staying Fit & Fabulous At 53

Try our bedtime routine tips to maximize those restorative beauty Zs.

And finally, Elle Macpherson swears by super greens. Now, I begin my day with hot water and lemon, followed by two teaspoons of THE SUPER ELIXIR supergreens (which is formulated by Dr. Laubscher) in filtered water. It’s made from forty-five premium whole-food ingredients, carefully selected to work together for maximum absorption, which means my body is getting all the essential nutrients it needs straight-up for the day ahead.” 

If you love the idea of taking a greens supplement but aren’t sure if you can shell out for the $135 caddy, there are fortunately several other effective greens supplements on the market, including those made by Amazing Grass, Athletic Greens, and Garden of Life. Adding liquid chlorophyll to your regimen is also a great way to incorporate greens.

PSA: Elle Macpherson Is Vegan, Plus Her Secrets For Staying Fit & Fabulous At 53

“My secret weapon at 53!”

If it seems like Elle Macpherson does everything perfectly, well, maybe she does, but the good news is that we don’t have to be 100% alkaline or always get that night of ideal sleep. WelleCo co-founder Dr. Laubscher recommends adopting the 80/20 approach: try to eat clean 80% of the time while allowing yourself a few indulgences: “Pure alkaline would be too tricky,” Laubscher explained to Elle, “It’s about trying to have whole foods that come from nature. We can’t all live on smoothies, we can’t all do yoga 24/7 and hold down a job.” Phew.

Do you take a greens supplement? Which is your favorite?

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Photo: Elle Macpherson via Instagram

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