Sex, Pregnancy, Menopause & More: Discover FemTech Tools Taking Over Wellness Right Now

August 15, 2022

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Estimated to reach $1.1 billion dollars in revenue by 2024, FemTech is filling the gap of a missing market for women and people with uteruses desperate for medical care and health education that has otherwise been overlooked. 

Read below to discover several of the up-and-coming FemTech tools for women and people with uteruses of all ages, and discover why The New York Times dubbed FemTech “the next big thing in health care.”

For Reproductive Wellness: Flo 

In 2019, Flo was #1 most downloaded health and fitness app—and for good reason. Generating personalized insights and calendars based on your unique period, Flo is both informational and educational. 

For people with irregular periods, Flo can help track periods in order to get proper help from a gynecologist based on personalized data insights and needs. With its predictive tracking, better assess when your period is coming and plan accordingly based on the color-coded calendar that estimates period weeks and ovulation.

The insights tab offers a rich repository of articles that cover everything from reproductive health to sexual wellness. Flo also promises privacy in a post-Roe America, guaranteeing all data will never be shared outside of Flo.

Download Flo to start understanding your menstrual cycle today. 

For Fertility Awareness: Ava Bracelet

Looking to know more about your menstrual cycle and fertility? According to Ava, one in eight women seek fertility invention, with 75 percent not knowing the best time in their cycle to conceive. For women and people trying to become pregnant, say goodbye to temperature taking and peeing on a stick, thanks to Ava’s easy-to-use data-tracking device.

The Ava bracelet is the first FDA-cleared fertility tracking wearable, used during sleep for personalized fertility insights. The Ava bracelet works by tracking five physiological signals to detect, not just predict, which phase of the menstrual cycle you’re in based on fluctuating hormone levels. 

It’s as easy as putting the bracelet on before bed, and then syncing with the app in the morning to detect the five most fertile days of your menstrual cycle. Even better, 20 percent of every Ava bracelet sale goes directly to women’s health research and development to continue the work of the FemTech revolution.

For Menopause: Embr Wave

With over 75 million women experiencing perimenopause, menopause, or postmenopause in the United States alone, Embr Wave seeks to ease the menopausal process for women across the globe.

A common symptom of menopause, hot flashes occur when the brain sends a false signal that causes the body to overheat. Embr Wave disrupts that process by delivering “precisely engineered patterns of temperature sensations” for immediate hot flash relief.

Packaged as a wearable bracelet that’s subtle and chic, users can simply press the bracelet button once a heat flash begins to cool down the body and prevent sleep or life disruptions otherwise caused by hot flashes. All Embr Wave bracelets also come with a mobile app to explore thermal sessions, make adjustments, and track hot flash patterns for better predictability. 

For Sexual Wellness: Emjoy

A self-care app focused on sexual wellness and education, Emjoy is specifically tailored to and for the female mind and body. 

Choose from a range of erotic audio stories and mindfulness/meditation exercises, for an “audio guide to intimate well-being.” 

App users can also educate themselves on topics ranging from libido and climax consistency to body positivity for a crash-course on bridging the pleasure gap, all curated and created by sex therapists and OB-GYN’s. 

For Pregnancy & Nursing Care: FourthWear Postpartum Recovery Underwear

You may no longer be pregnant, but that doesn’t mean your body immediately recovers from pregnancy. Known as the “fourth trimester,” this stage refers to the 12-weeks after pregnancy—a time that comes with physiological, social, and emotional changes from postpartum depression to perineum (the area between your vagina and rectum) soreness. 

FourthWear Postpartum Recovery Underwear offers “super soft, belly hugging” underwear with a pocket to hold reusable ice/heat packs for postpartum perineum recovery. According to Mia Clark, cofounder of Nyssa—the company that creates FourthWear—Nyssa has a “a huge opportunity to shape the conversation around unmentionables and all of these taboo topics in women’s health.” 

By demystifying the postpartum experience and creating products to solve postpartum needs, Nyssa is filling a gap for much-needed post-pregnancy care.


From reproductive wellness to genital health, FemTech is revolutionizing the feminine experience in health care, education, and beyond.  Take charge of your health and medical experience by exploring all the new offerings of the FemTech world today.

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