These 5 Fall Makeup Trends Are All You Need For Autumn Feels (No Shade, PSL)

September 14, 2022

For the past four autumns, I’ve lived in balmy south Texas. While I’ve become endeared to the copious palms and oleander over the years, the absence of “fall” things (like orange leaves, chilly mornings, and that fall smell I remember from my days in the northeast) can leave me feeling disoriented—am I lost in a perpetual summer? is it already September?! etc., etc. So each year since our move, I “find fall” by writing about fall makeup trends, frothy beverages, and all of the wonderful fall things you can enjoy wherever you live! Plus, I love imagining our readers getting excited about fall, finding the perfect deep red lip, and whipping up a warming drink.

Thanks for being my fall salvation, dumplings! Now on to that fall makeup.

Admittedly, fall makeup is a bit like a Pumpkin Spice Latte in that we pretty much know what to expect from it every year—a wine gloss or a smoldering eye aren’t really shocking. That’s just classic cool weather beauty! (But that doesn’t even matter ’cause on the inside, we’re all like yaasss, it is time! let’s do this all over again).

On the other hand, each new fall/winter season brings subtle yet fresh developments. Whether it’s a new, innovative formula or an up-and-coming green beauty brand that makes our luxury beauty dreams come true, there’s always some twist to get excited about.

This year, fall makeup is no different—there’s plenty of familiars to love with new ways to enjoy them. Read on!

1. Fall Makeup Trend: Metallic Smoky Eye

You knew we had to have a smoky eye! This season, the beauty world is obsessed with metallic shadows and anything with jewel vibes. Makeup artist Tom Pecheux describes the look as “sophisticated but rebellious.” By the way, no “jewel” is off the table, as evidenced by the creative wash of ruby featured in this photo.

5 Fall Makeup Trends That Are Autumnal Bliss Incarnate

5 Fall Makeup Trends That Are Autumnal Bliss Incarnate

Kat Von D Shade & Light Glimmer Eye Palette (from the #VeganAlert collection!)

2. Fall Makeup Trend: A Creative Liquid Line

Or should I say lines? It doesn’t look like our love for liquid liner is going anywhere anytime soon, but if you’re tired of the classic cat eye, try a funky design. The look is edgy and irreverent, a perfect complement to that vegan leather biker jacket you’ve been waiting to pull out of your closet.

5 Fall Makeup Trends That Are Autumnal Bliss Incarnate

5 Fall Makeup Trends That Are Autumnal Bliss Incarnate

Elate Cosmetics Liquid Eyeline

3. Fall Makeup Trend: Wine-Stained Lips 

There were several deep red lips on the F/W red carpets, naturally, and I, at least, was pleased to observe that most of them were not purely matte. Rather, dewy satins, satin finishes, and glosses seemed to reign. (A little moisture never hurt anyone!) Also, there was a liven-in quality to many of the looks—in other words, lips looked like they had actually brushed against a wine glass or coffee mug, proving that perfection is overrated.


5 Fall Makeup Trends That Are Autumnal Bliss Incarnate

Modern Mineral Invigorating Lipgloss in “Garnet”

4. Fall Makeup Trend: Dry-Brushed Nails

As seen backstage at Michael Costello, dry brushed nails feature at least two colors—one base color and a second, contrasting color messily swiped across a portion of the nail. The trick is to get a minimal amount of polish on the brush (hence, “dry” brushing). I love the combo of a creme with a metallic shade.

5 Fall Makeup Trends That Are Autumnal Bliss Incarnate

5 Fall Makeup Trends That Are Autumnal Bliss Incarnate

Habit Cosmetics: Nymph & Serpentine Fire

5. Fall Makeup Trend: Mega Lashes

Whether you prefer a feathery look or spidery segments, you can totally indulge your desire for multiple coats of mascara this fall. Alternatively, ramp up your flutter with a pair of flirty falsies.


5 Fall Makeup Trends That Are Autumnal Bliss Incarnate

Georgie Beauty La Petite “Buy One, Give One” Lashes (For each pair purchased, Georgie donates a pair Women’s Cancer Center, so patients on chemo experiencing hair loss can enjoy them.)

What are your favorite fall makeup trends?

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Photo: Tom Pecheux via Instagram, La Perla Lingerie via Instagram, Be Sassy Sam via Instagram, MSGM via Instagram, Respective Brands

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